RDC Enrollment via CU*BASE

This project will allow credit unions to manage all member RDC enrollments and un-enrollments, deposit limits, deposit-to account numbers, and related front-end tasks via new CU*BASE tools that integrate into eDOC Innovations RDC processing.

Status as of September 14, 2023: Beta-testing of the new RDC mobile app was completed and rollout started during June. We’ll are converting clients to the updated app in batches over the summer and early fall. You’ll receive notification of your implementation date.  Note that we’ll be bringing in your current limits and custom EULA from eDOC as part of the implementation. You can elect to activate auto-enrollment settings when you go live or decide that later if you wish. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Following are the key components of this project:


Credit unions can optionally configure criteria to allow members to auto-enroll for RDC services, so that when a members uses the enroll feature in the mobile app, they could be automatically approved to make their first deposit right away. You’ll define a series of criteria, including how long the membership has been open, member age, credit score, and delinquency status, and can also exclude members based on membership designation.

Qualified members can complete their enrollment and make an immediate deposit with no credit union intervention. Members who fail the criteria will appear in a new CU*BASE approval queue so you can review the enrollment request and approve it. As now, the member-facing enrollment tool will never deny someone enrollment; rather, the member would see a “we’re reviewing your request…” type message.

Enrollment Controls

CU*BASE will now take over storing all RDC enrollment data. When a member submits their enrollment, the mobile app will gather whatever data it needs via CU*BASE to process the request, then will store the enrollment record for determining the member’s future ability to make deposits. This will eliminate the duplicate data, currently being stored both in CU*BASE and eDOC, which can get out of synch and cause member confusion. More importantly, this will allow the data about member enrollment to be available for analysis purposes (see Future Plans below).

Deposit Limits

The project also moves the deposit limits to CU*BASE, which means that the RDC mobile app will first verify each deposit request via the CU*BASE API, before ever submitting a deposit to eDOC. This includes daily deposit limits and maximum deposit amounts, which are currently maintained and enforced via the eDOC server. When a deposit is submitted, the app will communicate that back to CU*BASE so that the counters can be updated. In addition, CUs will be able to adjust a member’s limits as needed in CU*BASE, to allow for special situations.

Some controls (unreadable image, bad MICR, duplicate item, etc.) will still need to be handled on the eDOC end as the deposit image is being validated and processed, so you’ll still need to use the online queue to review some items. Plus you can still set up individual members so that all of their deposits are sent to that queue for manual review, or choose to review all items above a certain $ amount, etc., as now.

The bottom line is that our RDC app is changed so that on the front end, before any deposits are sent through to the eDOC server, data stored on CU*BASE is used to determine a member’s enrollment status and basic deposit rules, before items can even be submitted for deposit.


And finally, because the end-user licensing agreement is part of the overall enrollment process, this project will also introduce a new mechanism for storing, presenting, and recording member acceptance of different versions of EULAs, utilizing both CU*BASE and CU*Publisher components. This is intended to be a prototype for changing how we handle other EULAs as well (bill pay, eStatements, etc.) in the future.

For example, instead of members seeing the current EULA which includes standard language as well as disclosures about bill pay and eStatements which they haven’t yet activated, they will see more targeted EULAs at the point of enrollment in each individual service instead.

Future Plans

  • We have ideas for creating a new RDC enrollment analysis dashboard, or perhaps adding RDC data to existing online banking dashboards, to help credit unions track who is enrolled and how the service is being used. In the meantime, we’ll give you details about the new enrollment data tables so you can set up custom Queries if you like. Status as of May 2023: Still in the design phase.
  • We had a project in the works to add RDC enrollment as an option for granting Tiered Service points.  Status as of May 2023: That project was pulled off the queue but we will be resurrecting it for possible development later in 2023 or during 2024.


Chef for this recipe: Dawn Moore

September 14, 2023

3 Responses to “RDC Enrollment via CU*BASE”

  1. Lisa Rowley

    We are anxiously awaiting the automatic enrollment and are willing to beta if you need someone.

    • Dawn Moore

      Appreciate it! This will coordinate with a Mobile 6.1 update and I’ll let the team know that your credit union would be willing to move earlier. We’ll let you know!
      Dawn Moore, EVP Client Experience

      • Dawn Moore

        Update – I see you were an early mover to Mobile 6.0, so you’re definitely on the list! We’ll be in touch!


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