The Accounting Service Team is responsible for the financial operations of CU*Answers. Our primary functions include accounts payable, billing, accounts receivable, collections, cash management, fixed asset accounting, budgeting and financial statement preparation and tax reporting.

Asterisk Intelligence

Contact Asterisk Intelligence Have questions? Contact the Asterisk Intelligence Team! Contact Us Phone: 1-800-327-3478 x870 Email: Work smarter, not harder. The Asterisk Intelligence team brings you a team of analysts who work to interpret your data for insights and opportunity. Tools like Analytics Booth, Report Builder (Query), Dashboards, and Unique Data Management (UDM) give… Read more »


AuditLink as a service has been in business since May 2008. True to its commitment, AuditLink reduces the added work imposed by regulations and compliance. Factors inherent in changing regulations mandate continuous training and frequent exposure to compliance issues with applied auditor solutions.

BizLink – Integrated Business Solutions

The BizLink team is your credit union’s resource for everything related to Business Member Programs. Our consulting related to credit union business member programs focuses on three distinct channels: Business services and savings portfolio configurations and consulting Business lending portfolio configurations and consulting Business member program partner integration management and consulting BizLink Quick Jump |… Read more »

Business Continuity

As a CUSO and CU*Asterisk network partner delivering products and services to 200+ credit unions nation-wide representing more than 2,000 concurrent system users supporting over 1.7 million members, CU*Answers is committed to being there when our customers and owners need us most.

CU*Answers Management Services

CU*Answers Management Services Investment in a Network A note from Julie Gessner – Vice President, CMS Sales CU*Answers is very proud of our CUSO model. Our cooperative principles drive us as leaders with a vested interest in the success of our clients by maintaining higher levels of cooperation and trust that you will not find… Read more »

Client Services & Education

The Client Services and Education Team specializes in a number of areas. From the client perspective, we are the frontline for software questions, education and to some extend light consulting.


Your credit union is about to encounter one of the biggest, most positive changes in its history. A software conversion is a major stepping-stone in your financial processing. Without proper communication, dedication, and cooperation, the transition will not succeed. That’s where CU*Answers comes in.

Developer’s Help Desk

The Developer’s Help Desk is designed to create an online retailing tool that becomes the center of Client Project Management whether just ordering a canned project such as converting from one EFT switch to another, or ordering and initiating new custom solutions or integrations, or even purchasing professional services or tools to build their own… Read more »

Earnings Edge

Whether you are looking to begin offering a new product to your membership or offer a new benefit to your membership, the Earnings Edge team has a sole purpose to improve your credit union’s operations.


CU*Answers, invites you to spend a day with us at our beautiful facility next time you need a meeting place. Conveniently located near the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and 1-96 Expressway, we offer a full range of meeting and event facilitation packages

Human Resources

The purpose of the ORD Team at CU*Answers is to build teams and provide organizational support and direction through employee resources, employee education, and client interaction quality assurance.

Imaging Solutions

The CU*Answers Imaging Solutions Team puts some serious talent in your corner! The Imaging Solutions team has created imaging solutions that are an inherent part of your core data processing system.

Internet Retailer Support Center

The Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) is a CU*Answers online store for credit union virtual channel project managers. It brings together several digital strategy products into one cohesive location and a single point of contact—no more searching across CU*Answers’ websites!

Just Turn It On

Let CU*Answers Management Services Show You How Everyone has that list of must-do projects that sit on the shelf and never seem to make it to final execution. It’s not that you don’t want to launch that new service for your members. It’s just that there never seems to be enough time to take care of dotting all the i’s and… Read more »


Lender*VP delivers to your credit union a team of experienced lending professionals that will take over the task of driving the success of your loan department. The Lender*VP team has years of on-the-street credit union lending experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of CU*BASE tools.


Cooperative Marketing services from CU*Answers. Using the power of the network, CU*Answers offers low cost marketing solutions through collaborative pricing. Working together, we bring the order quantities up, so that the prices come down. Truly a benefit of a being a member of the cooperative.

Network Services

CU*Answers Network Services is a full-service network technology solutions provider. CU*Answers Network Services provides services to the education, retail, legal, medical, real estate, hospitality, and financial services industries as well as court systems and regional municipalities.


OpsEngine is the CU*Answers brand for the composite of expert skills, cutting edge tools, and professional services provided by the production division of CU*Answers. Think about the invisible man for a minute. If you can’t see him, then he’s being what he’s supposed to be. OpsEngine – our production services – are like that.


The Programming Department consists of nine technical teams, each with unique skills that contribute to not only CU*BASE, our primary core processing product, but to many other CU*Answers software product offerings that make our credit unions successful in an expanding marketplace.


People come to CU*Answers for a variety of reasons and with a variety of expectations. Some are seeking a partner in technology, some are seeking strategic solutions to a problem, and some are seeking a partner to launch a new business. No matter what people are seeking they will find the experience, expertise and drive from the Sales Representatives at CU*Answers.


As part of CU*Answers Management Services, SettleMINT EFT is your one stop location for all EFT related information including ATM/Debit & Credit Cards, Instant Issue Cards, Bill Pay, Compromised Card Support, and Shared Branching. We also provide consulting to help you maximize your investment in EFT products and features and provide for enhanced member service experiences.

Solutions Contact Center Services

Best Agents Around The CU*Answers Solutions Contact Center is your source for high quality member support and interaction. Going through a product or core platform conversion or helping members through a difficult financial situation can be a stressful time for your members; and they deserve the best support in those times. Let our team of… Read more »