CU*Answers is a CUSO and a Cooperative.
We’ve been living the cooperative spirit for years.

In short, we make credit unions go.

From data processing and computer network support to image check processing and customized marketing campaigns, CU*Answers helps credit unions address their every need, every day for more than 176 credit unions nationally, representing 1.9 million members and $19 billion in credit union assets.


CU*Answers reached a new milestone with revenue surpassing $50 million for the first time in the CUSO’s history, and returned a record $4.09 million in patronage and ownership dividends to credit unions. The Internet Retailer Support Center is introduced as a new support desk for credit union virtual channel project managers offering a digital store environment for products including the new Mobile App 2.0 with RDC, free hybrid mobile apps, the completely redesigned member application process, the mobile experience center, and more.


CU*Answers sets a record for new members processed in CU*BASE with over 160,000 added through conversions and mergers. 11 credit unions join its network of credit unions. CU*Answers invests in Imaging Solutions team, taking over the sales and support process for e-document strategies. CU*Answers and its cuasterisk.com network partners design a new sales culture and foundation, presenting a significant opportunity for expanding the suite of services, and welcome partner Chatter Yak! into the fold. Working with Payveris for transaction processing, CU*Answers designs its first native user interface within It’s Me 247 online banking for bill pay.


CU*Answers exceeded $40 million in direct revenue. A huge year for FEP (File Expansion Project) development & implementation, representing over 40K programming hours. Reached the 125 owner milestone. Introduced Walking In The Members’ Shoes experience including a new series of videos, website and more. My CU Today introduced and released to board member credit unions.


New look for It’s Me 247 Online Banking and online applications. Work continues on File Expansion Project and new design for CU*BASE GOLD. CU*Answers uses e-Voting for Board Elections


Began new expansion and construction projects. Converted 8 Credit Unions to CU*BASE, with a record 3 new Start-Up CUs, and 7 Mergers. Network expands to 165 credit union clients with 107 credit union owners. Paid a Patronage Dividend of $1.7 million to our credit union owners. 168 CU*Answers employees and 38 Xtend employees plus 14 contractors. Awarded $15,500 in 2nd year ofInnovator Investment & Grant Program. Introduced Grand Opening Kits. Launched the Live It! Series focusing on the 7 Cooperative PrinciplesBoard Financial Literacy Series website launched. Opened the Muskegon Data Center. Network Compliance Teacher newsletter publishedXtend celebrates its 10th birthdayAdvantage CEO Virtual CIO Service launched. It’s Me 247 Online Banking gets nearly 36 million visits in 2012.


Celebrated the International Year of Cooperatives; Converted 14 credit unions to CU*BASE plus several new mergers into existing CU*BASE clients; Reached a new record of 102 credit union Owners; Introduced Mobile Web and Text banking; CU*Answers paid a Patronage Dividend of $1.4 million to our credit union owners; Awarded $10,000 in First Innovators Investment and Grant Program; Introduced the Spirit of CU*Answers” award – VacationLand FCU winner; Online Balloting System available using It’s Me 247 Online Banking; Introduced Cooperative Score; WESCO Net renames to CU*Answers Network Services.


Celebrated our 40th birthday. CU*Answers converts 11 new CU*BASE CU’s; processing for 1.3 million members. Issues record dividend/ interest return to 80+ CU Owners exceeding $1.4 million.


CU*Answers has record year, adding 140,000+ new CU*BASE members; CU*Answers issues record patronage dividend to owners of $700,000; CU*Answers and network partners write and distribute 300+ press releases.


CU*Answers annual revenues exceed $29 million; 14 CU*BASE conversions representing 102,000 members; CU*BASE processing for 130 credit unions representing 1.1 million members; awarded NACUSO’s CUSO of the Year Award – 1st multiple time winner.


Reed Data, Inc. becomes eDOC InnovationsIt’s Me 247 online banking introduced.


CU*Answers partners with Gulf Data Systems (Mobile, AL) for marketing CU*BASE
CU*Answers announces intentions to become majority stock owner of Reed Data, Inc.
CU*Answers announces Check 21 CUSO formation strategy with Corporate One
CU*Answers University Education exceeds 1,800 face-to-face interactions
PIB (Personal Internet Branch) layered security feature introduced for online banking.


CU*Answers expands to its newest 28th Street facility; CU*Answers converts its 100th CU*BASE client representing 13 states; CU*Answers has record year for CU*BASE members converted (100K+); Collaborative Marketing piece delivery exceeds 800K.


CU*Answers implements High Availability strategy for Disaster Recovery; CU*Answers annual revenues exceed $15 million; 698,500 CU*BASE members processed daily; CU*BASE Processing Agreement signed with Franklin & Associates (now CU*NorthWest CUSO).


WESCO changes its name to CU*Answers, reflecting more their place in the credit union industry.


CU*Answers announced formation of Xtend Financial Services CUSOWESCO Net (now Network Services) founded to handle technical needs of clients; partnership with CoWWW results in introduction of CU*SPY online archival of statements and reports.


CU*EasyPay! online bill payment introduced.


WESCO recognized as “2000 Operational CUSO Of The Year” by NACUSO; introduced CU*BASE GOLD and a new TCP/IP network; web development services introduced


CU*@HOME PC Home Banking introduced


Self-processing (in-house) services introduced; first client converted outside of Michigan


Moved to Kentwood location; 26 owners; 41 data processing clients, 83 check processing and 82 Fed deposit clients; assets $2,414,191


Converted from NCR to AS/400 platform; Randy Karnes hired as President/CEO


Opened Saginaw Item Processing branch


36 data processing clients, 44 check processing and 12 Fed deposit clients; assets $853,000; Board reorganized to 7 members comprised of CEOs of data processing clients; relocated to Eagle Park Drive location


42 on-line data processing clients, 16 check processing and 8 Fed deposit clients; assets $543,000; gross processing revenues $693,000. Reorganized as a stock cooperative with 19 original owners


Introduced check processing services: 5 checks processed per day


Introduced Fed deposit services


First ATM connection tested


22 clients; total revenue of $27,000; 8 staff members


66,000 members processed


42,000 members processed


3 clients with 21,000 members processed


West Michigan Computer Co-Op, Inc. (WESCO) organized as a non-stock cooperative to provide low-cost data processing service for credit unions. Stats: 9 board members; 1 client with 7,500 members processed on the NCR platform; approximately 5 staff members.

September 23, 2014

Time to Vote in the 2017 Elections!

Time to Vote in the 2017 Elections!

ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS STOCKHOLDERS Make sure your voice is heard! Vote Electronically for board elections May 1 – June 16, 2017!  Visit the CU*Answers Elections website elections.cuanswers.com. Ready to vote? Visit https://cuanswers.simplyvoting.com/ and follow the instructions in your email. Watch your email today for your voting instructions (if necessary, you can change your vote during the Annual… Read more »

May 1, 2017

The 2016 SSAE-16 Results Are Now Available

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS The CU*Answers Board of Directors recently accepted the 2016 “Report on a Description of a Service Organization’s System and the Suitability of the Design and Operating Effectiveness of Controls Related to the CU*BASE Development” (SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2). Review the 2016 SSAE-16 Report and other Key Audit Results… Read more »

Nov 14, 2016

CU*Answers 2017 Strategic Technology Plan – Now Available for Viewing!

CU*Answers 2017 Strategic Technology Plan – Now Available for Viewing!

Our 2017 Strategic Technology Plan is now available for viewing! Learn about our latest updates to CU*BASE as well as additional technologies and resources we are looking to focus on over the course of the coming year. 2017 Strategic Technology Plan You can also refer to our 2017 Business Plan, for information regarding our vision… Read more »

Oct 26, 2016

Why wait? Vote today!

Why wait? Vote today!

ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS STOCKHOLDERS WHO HAVE YET TO VOTE Make sure your voice is heard! Our records indicate that you have not yet voted in the 2016 Elections. You can vote electronically for board elections until June 10, 2016! Learn about what your voting for by visiting the CU*Answers Elections website elections.cuanswers.com. Ready to vote? All CEOs… Read more »

May 31, 2016

Have you cast your vote in the 2016 Elections?

Have you cast your vote in the 2016 Elections?

ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS STOCKHOLDERS Make sure your voice is heard! Vote Electronically for board elections May 2 – June 10, 2016! Learn about what your voting for by visiting the CU*Answers Elections website elections.cuanswers.com. Ready to vote? All CEOs of stockholder credit unions received an email on Monday, May 2nd with instructions to vote by visiting… Read more »

May 13, 2016

CU*Answers NCUA CUSO Registration Complete

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS In January, you received notification regarding the new NCUA requirements related to the CUSO Registry, indicating that CU*Answers is aware of these registration requirements, and that we will be taking care of registering prior to the deadline, March 31. This notification is to inform you that CU*Answers has completed… Read more »

Mar 2, 2016

Have you registered for the Data Investment Symposium yet?

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Credit Union Leaders: There’s still time to register for the 2nd Annual Data Investment Symposium February 24 CU*Answers Grand Rapids, MI Register Now Who will lead and help us formulate the next ten major investments our CUSO will make when it comes to data? If you’re a leader who can… Read more »

Feb 16, 2016

2016 Election Materials Are On The Way!

ATTENTION CU*ANSWERS STOCKOWNERS: 2016 Election Materials Are On The Way! Look for these important documents in the mailing we sent you today: Memo from the CEO Check out this memo from CU*Answers CEO Randy Karnes about this year’s CU*Answers Board election, as well as a copy of a memo you received in September from Nominating Committee Chair… Read more »

Feb 1, 2016

We’ve got a great Dashboard Dive this week!

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: Learn how to dive deep into your data through a discussion of key CU*BASE dashboards with CU*Answers CEO Randy Karnes and other leadership staff in the cuasterisk.com network. This Week’s Topic: Analyze Loan/Savings/Certificate Portfolio Friday, January 29th 3:00 – 3:30 PM ET Register View and register for additional Dashboard Dive… Read more »

Jan 25, 2016

Congratulations to Peninsula FCU for the MCUL award of Outstanding Credit Union of the Year!

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: We’d like to congratulate Jim Veneskey and his team at Peninsula Federal Credit Union for the title of Outstanding Credit Union of the Year ($50 million – $400 million) awarded by the Michigan Credit Union League. CU*Answers is proud to have partnered with Peninsula FCU over the last fifteen… Read more »

Dec 22, 2015