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People come to CU*Answers for a variety of reasons and with a variety of expectations. Some are seeking a partner in technology, some are seeking strategic solutions to a problem, and some are seeking a partner to launch a new business. No matter what people are seeking, the Sales Team from CU*Answers can be a catalyst in that process.

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We Are Your Partner in Technology

Searching for a technology partner can be a daunting task. For many, the search for a network, data processor, or electronic imaging solution may not have happened in 5, 10, or even 15+ years. With scores of companies and solutions to choose from, how does one go about searching out the unique benefits and features that match your business plan? And, in today’s age of information overload, making the wrong decision can be detrimental if not catastrophic.

CU*Answers understands the importance of and apprehension about choosing a technology partner, so we have developed a process to help you more effectively perform a due diligence review. To do this we combine the comprehensive digital intelligence we have gathered from nearly 50 years serving the credit union industry. Our “Do It Together” approach will not only identify areas of differentiation that are the most critical in your vendor evaluation but, more importantly, provide contact information for scores of your peers that have chosen to own their future rather than buy tools.

We Are Your Partner in Strategy

If you are going to hitch your wagon to a partner for the next five to fifteen years, which one best shares your vision for balancing technology with sound business strategy?

Perhaps even more basic is determining how to quickly gain an understanding of the overall environment you wish to implement, what operational strategy best suits your style for performing business. How does one effectively compare options, new technologies and what products are available? What unique product features and services separate one vendor from another? Who can provide staff the best ongoing support? How can staff benefit from education?

At CU*Answers we understand that today’s credit union, is not just about staying profitable, it is about being able to easily grasp all aspects of the credit union. Our collective experience, knowledge, and expertise make us intimately knowledgeable about the challenges facing credit unions and businesses today. We bring that perspective towards helping you meet your strategic objectives while preserving your legacy and protecting your bottom line.

We Are Your Partner in Design

Our core values are driven but a set of Cooperative Principals that form the heart of Our Cooperative Business Design- recognized principals that set co-ops apart from all other enterprises. These seven principals are baked into every credit unions founding model and structure, uniting and guiding us. They allow our network to work effectively, guaranteeing to our owners and to the marketplace how we will always respond to their challenges and opportunities. These ideals put our owners and members needs ahead of everything else to design your technology plan helping us all to achieve our dreams.

Your Partner in New Business Development

Opportunities are everywhere. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project underwritten by shared by 100’s of credit unions, CU*Answers offers a unique, refreshing, cooperative alternative to traditional vendors. Our network is  1.6 million members interacting daily with our partner credit unions; three thousand employees working every day for those members and dozens of communities across the country that present us all with an even greater potential for more members.

CU*Answers is an opportunity landscape: a place to dream about doing more, earning more, and contributing more to the success of all participants. The place to open a new business is right here at CU*Answers. It is our team that not only understands the concepts of business development but the resources that can be used as a catalyst to get you started. Whether you want to start a new credit union, build a merger business or launch a cooperative service organization of your own we encourage you to make CU*Answers your first stop.


May 9, 2022