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At CU*Answers, proper project management is critical to our success. On a daily basis, we handle a variety of projects including conversions, mergers, new interfaces, custom forms and programming, software development, Reg. changes, and more. Sometimes we must manage our projects around the timelines of business partners and Reg. changes. Prioritization of these projects to maximize our resources can be difficult, and may sometimes leave our credit unions wondering when their project will be completed.

Although reallocation of resources might be required depending on the nature of new projects, we have done our best to provide a general idea for the amount of time it takes to complete certain projects. These sections are designed to assist clients in the development and management of their own new service offerings. They include the approximate timelines CU*Answers staff believes are associated with the coordination and completion of these projects. We have also included links to various documents and pricing guidelines to help our clients manage their projects effectively.

Each section of the Project Management page includes the following information: current projects, timelines, CU*Answers contact information, and pricing.

How Can I Manage My Projects?

There are many things to consider when beginning any type of project. The sections within this site are designed to help you make the best decisions in the most efficient ways. Considerations that apply to all sections include:

  • Current vendor contracts
  • Is this an existing vendor with CU*Answers?
  • Is there documentation available on CU*
  • Are there special considerations with my vendor?
  • What kind of charges will I incur from the vendor?
  • Are there other credit unions currently using this vendor/service?

Life Cycle of a Project

Phases of Monitor

Monitor is a continuously growing application, with new functionality planned well into the future. We have identified the current release plans as five phases.

Phase One
The current phase. At this stage, Monitor is still in its original form, using the rewritten databases to present project statuses.
Phase Two
Email notification. Monitor will email a project’s involved parties every time a status code changes. When your project is approved, denied, moved to a programmer or submitted to Quality Control, you’ll know at the speed of email.
Phase Three
Database overhaul. Monitor will undergo a fundamental backend change when the database structure is upgraded and rewritten. In addition to a new database structure, the reporting functionality will be overhauled as well.
Phase Four
Development of interfaces. New features and a new monitor design will complement the back end restructuring of phase three.
Phase Five
Enhancements and future additions. Focus will shift from the database capabilities to intercommunication capabilities as Monitor is transformed into a direct communications tool. Not just a web site, but a communications channel.

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For the most part, any type of project at CU*Answers follows the same life cycle. The steps of the life cycle include:

  • Client contacts CU*Answers about the project
  • CU*Answers reviews project and submits price quote to client
  • Client reviews quote and returns Project Authorization to CU*Answers
  • Project sheet is created and assigned to a CU*Answers resource
  • Client and/or vendor is contacted with any questions, if needed
  • Project is tested
  • Project is implemented and client is contacted

Track Your Projects with Monitor

During the Summer of 2004, CU*Answers unveiled a utility for project managers: Monitor.

Monitor is a web interface to CU*Answers’ project management database. It provides a detailed view about every current project in our system. Now, any employee of your credit union can retrieve information about your credit union’s projects.

Each project listing provides the following data:

  • Project Number
  • Project Type
  • Creation Date
  • Project Creator
  • Affected Menu
  • Affected Menu Option
  • Project Details
  • Current Status
  • Resolution Date

In the true spirit of credit union cooperation, not only can you view your own projects, but you have access to every other CU*Answers credit union’s project listing as well. Why? Call it an exchange of ideas. By seeing what other credit unions are doing, we hope Monitor will inspire you with new ways to improve your own credit union. Together, we’ll grow stronger.

January 7, 2019