CU*Answers Management Services

Investment in a Network

A note from Julie Gessner – Vice President, CMS Sales

CU*Answers is very proud of our CUSO model. Our cooperative principles drive us as leaders with a vested interest in the success of our clients by maintaining higher levels of cooperation and trust that you will not find in other vendors.

CU*Answers Management Services is a group of branded services whose leaders focus on addressing issues regarding users, strategy, and development. These are the brands that add value for every CU*Answers client.

Our value proposition focuses on the main intention of connecting people to projects and to the organization with the overlying objective of partnership that encompasses everything we do.

CU*Answers Management Services aligns our objectives with your strategic plan defining what it means to have an active partnership invested is a mutual success. We hope you will tap into the many talents and leadership skills of our managers and your consultant committed to the principles that drive our CUSO.





February 23, 2023