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Investment in a Network

A note from Julie Gessner, CMS Sales Coordinator

CU*Answers is very proud of our CUSO model. Our cooperative principals drive us as leaders with a vested interest in the success of our clients by maintaining higher levels of cooperation and trust that you will not find in other vendors.

CU*Answers Managed Services is a group of branded services whose leaders focus on addressing issues regarding users, strategy, and development. These are the brands that add value for every CU*Answers client.

Our value proposition focuses on three main intentions, Connecting People, to Projects to the Organization with the overlying objective of partnership that encompasses everything we do.

CU*Answers Managed Services aligns our objectives with your strategic plan defining what it means to have an active partnership invested is a mutual success. We hope you will tap into the many talents and leadership skills of our managers and your consultant committed to the principals that drive our CUSO.

Designed for the community of auditors and compliance officers on the CU*BASE system, Audit Link Advisor’s focus will be on disseminating information garnered through day to day discussions between our team and yours. Audit Link will assist clients in satisfying requirements imposed on them by current Regulations and resolving issues prior to examination by regulators and auditors. This includes BSA, Reg D, OFAC, FIDM, Reg C, employee accounts, and on overall policy review.

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Building the Factory
CU*Answers wants our clients to be successful. Not only do we say it, but we’re walking the talk as well. Announcing, Building The Factory! This series of documents backs up our desire for your credit union to thrive and get the most out of your partnership with CU*Answers and the powerful toolset we provide. The majority of these volumes are revenue generators and cost nothing to implement!

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Earnings Edge
Whether you are looking to begin offering a new product to your membership or offer a new benefit to your membership, the Earnings Edge team has a sole purpose to improve your credit union’s operations. The team will work with you to strategize, configure, and implement the tools needed to increase the efficiencies of your team. We will provide the consulting needed to keep your credit union on top of the technology that is at your fingertips through CU*BASE. Partnering with the Earnings Edge team will put your credit union in the right direction and will provide just the edge you need to be seen as number one in the eyes of your members and your peers.

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Imaging Solutions
CU*Answers eDocument Strategies team was created to help your credit union establish and maintain an eDocument strategy that integrates efficiently with CU*BASE – CU*Answers’ core processing system.Working closely with eDOC Innovations, an eDocument CUSO, CU*Answers eDocument Strategies team works to bring cost effective solutions to the credit union, creating a concise eDocument workflow and a smooth transition to electronic documents.As the credit union’s needs, technology and regulation change we are there every step of the way to help.

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IRSC_HorizontalThe Internet Retailer Support Center (IRSC) is a  CU*Answers online store for credit union virtual channel project managers. It brings together several digital strategy products into one cohesive location and a single point of contact—no more searching across CU*Answers’ websites! Credit unions looking to expand their virtual channel marketplace will be able to shop and explore the offerings online as well as check project development status.

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Lender*VP delivers to your credit union a team of experienced lending professionals that will take over the task of driving the success of your loan department. The Lender*VP team has years of on-the-street credit union lending experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of CU*BASE tools. Services provided range from PayDay Lending, Consulting, and a variety of Loan Delivery Channels to ensure credit unions can remain competitive in the fast-paced lending environment. We can make sure you know what products you need, get them off the ground quickly, and drive them to success.

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Cooperative Marketing services from CU*Answers. Using the power of the network, CU*Answers offers low cost marketing solutions through collaborative pricing. Working together, we bring the order quantities up, so that the prices come down. Truly a benefit of a being a member of the cooperative.

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As part of CU*Answers Management Services, SettleMINT EFT is your one stop location for all EFT related information including ATM/Debit & Credit Cards, Instant Issue Cards, Bill Pay, Compromised Card Support, and Shared Branching. We also provide consulting to help you maximize your investment in EFT products and features and provide for enhanced member service experiences. SettleMINT EFT – Balanced and in MINT condition!

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Web Services
CU*Answers Web Services provides web design, development and hosting solutions. CU*Answers Web Services currently manages over 250 web sites and web applications for various clients and has launched more than 150 new designs or web sites in the past 10 years. While CU*Answers Web Services creates specialized web applications using custom developed code, our focus for brochureware sites has been to capitalize on the Content Management capabilities of the popular WordPress platform. WordPress is the same software used to power high-profile companies such as New York Times, Dow Jones, Reuters, Harvard, Rolling Stone and many more (see

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October 16, 2017