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CU*Base feature demo badgeCU*BASE is our state-of-the-art member data processing system combining the best of member information databases, marketing tools, high quality presentation tools, powerful processing capability and flexible configuration…all with a graphical interface that significantly shortens the staff learning curve.

CU*BASE is delivered to credit unions as both an ASP (application services provider/service bureau) and fully “turn-key” (self-processing) solution, offering a credit union or a group of credit unions the ability to be shared processors. The key is that CU*BASE provides identical functionality across all delivery methods, and allows credit unions the flexibility to pick and choose, and even move from one delivery method to another based upon a credit union’s business plan.

CU*BASE Home PageSee CU*BASE’s list of features for screenshots and more details, or check out CU*BASE online help for screen-by-screen details.

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January 15, 2020