Online Training

edu-onlineFor credit union staff who prefer learning at their own pace and on their own schedule, CU*Answers University offers online training that covers a multitude of topics related to CU*BASE, soft skills, and compliance. From video tutorials to courses available through the CU*Answers University online campus, there is something for everyone. Following is a complete list of online training options.

Booklets and Documentation


This online database includes thousands of questions and answers about CU*BASE and is a very popular resource among clients seeking to learn more about CU*BASE. Each time the CU*Answers Client
Services & Education team is contacted with a client question about CU*BASE, the question and answer is documented in AnswerBook.

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Building the Factory Instructional Manuals

This series of “do it yourself” instructional guides shows clients how to harness the power of the CU*BASE toolset to conduct marketing campaigns that will help their credit union increase product sales. With step-by-step instructions that take clients from launching a campaign to analyzing the results, these guides make it easy to unlock the revenue-generating opportunities within CU*BASE.

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CU*BASE Reference Materials

This site includes booklets on various CU*BASE-related topics and is an excellent resource for staff who are looking to become more familiar with a particular CU*BASE feature or tool.

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It’s Me 247 Reference Resources

This site includes reference materials related to It’s Me 247 Online, Mobile, and Text Banking. The site also includes documentation on related products such as MoneyDesktop, CU Mobile Apps online banking app, and the various online bill pay options that CU*Answers offers.

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Special Interest Publications

These online publications cover topics beyond the CU*BASE software and are especially good for credit union leaders and key personnel to help them make the most of their relationship with CU*Answers.

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Understanding Your CU*BASE Invoice

This site, designed for credit union accountants and CEOs, explains the ins and outs of the CU*Answers monthly invoice and how clients can correlate CU*Answers pricing and monthly invoices with the way their credit union earns. The site includes a sample invoice, information on billing codes, and a sample credit union five-year pricing overview.

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Education Report Newsletter

This newsletter, emailed to subscribers monthly, keeps clients informed of upcoming courses and training events.

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Online Campus

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Free Campus

The CU*Answers University online campus offers both credit union-specific courses and CU*BASE courses developed by industry experts. All courses are available to any employee of your credit union, from any CU*BASE workstation, at no charge. Access this resource by clicking the Network Links button (link icon) in CU*BASE and selecting CU*Answers University.

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Free Campus with Administrator Access

With administrator access to the free campus mentioned above, you have the ability to track learning progress, award certificates of completion, and design individual development plans. To obtain administrator credentials, contact the CU*Answers Client Services and Education team.

Expanded Campus

The expanded campus includes everything the above-mentioned free campus includes, plus 76 additional credit union-specific courses, 5 additional course categories, a course-authoring tool with which to customize courses with your specific credit union content, branding capabilities, and more!

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 Online Help

CU*BASE GOLD Online Help

One of the most widely used training resources offered to CU*Answers clients, this robust and comprehensive online help system includes a topic that corresponds to each of the thousands of screens that make up CU*BASE GOLD. This library of CU*BASE-related information helps clients become power users of CU*BASE GOLD.

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It’s Me 247 Online Help

While this resource is designed for members using It’s Me 247 Online Banking, it’ s also useful for credit union staff seeking to gain a deeper knowledge of online banking and its features. It’s Me 247 online help includes a section of frequently asked questions about It’s Me 247 as well as tips for completing various tasks within online banking such as opening a new account, personalizing online banking pages, and adding security features to online banking.

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Show Me the Steps

This how-to help system provides simple step-by-step instructions to help clients complete various tasks in CU*BASE. It also includes an extensive video library with close to 200 video tutorials for those who learn best by seeing the software in action.

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As part of the CU*Answers Presence over Video (POV) initiative, which aims to improve client communication and training through video, CU*Answers has developed an extensive library of video resources, which are outlined below.

Financial Literacy Series for Credit Union Board Directors

This series of 12 videos, also available in print or DVD format, is geared toward those new to the role of credit union board director. It even includes tests for participants to assess what they’ve learned.

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It’s Me 247 How-To Video Series

Although this video series is designed for members, it’s an excellent resource for new staff unfamiliar with It’s Me 247 Online Banking and the various online bill pay options that CU*Answers offers. The videos explain how to perform tasks in online banking and online bill pay.

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Providing access to over 100 videos, the CU*Answers OnDemand site includes CU*BASE training videos, release training webinar recordings, and more!

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Show Me the Steps Video Tutorials

Show Me the Steps, a how-to companion to CU*BASE GOLD online help, offers close to 200 video tutorials that explain how to perform various tasks in CU*BASE GOLD. Many of the videos are interactive so viewers can practice what they learn.

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October 19, 2016

Attention Administrators: Join Us for TLC/CU*BASE Online Campus Training!

Attention Administrators: Join Us for TLC/CU*BASE Online Campus Training!

Attention Administrators: New to using CU*BASE?  Want to learn how to manage online learning opportunities for your employees?  Join us on one of the following dates for a brief training webinar on the Online Campus, a free resource your credit union employees can access through the Links button in CU*BASE! Wednesday, August 22 12:00 PM… Read more »

Aug 21, 2018

Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

Tuesday, August 28 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET This Month’s Focus AnswerBook Join us as we discuss the various features of AnswerBook.  We will cover topics including: How to register for AnswerBook How to submit a ticket for AnswerBook Reviewing tickets that have been submitted to AnswerBook Reviewing past questions Don’t miss this FREE… Read more »

Aug 14, 2018

Check Out the IRSC University Courses for July!

Check Out the IRSC University Courses for July!

Each month, CU*Answers University hosts FREE web conferences and in-person events that highlight the many products and services our CUSO offers.  During the month of July, we will be hosting a set of webinars relating to the Internet Retailer Support Center.  Take a look at the courses we have coming up! Friday, July 20 9:00… Read more »

Jun 26, 2018