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The Accounting Service Team is responsible for the financial operations of CU*Answers. Our primary functions include accounts payable, billing, accounts receivable, collections, cash management, fixed asset accounting, budgeting and financial statement preparation and tax reporting. We also are responsible for internal auditing, coordination of external audits and regulatory reviews. We assist in the creation of the annual reports and the quarterly financial reports that are required to be sent to all our owners.

The Accounting Department supports all aspects of our general operations. In its most basic form, we make sure that the bills are paid and the lights are on. To accomplish this, we track, invoice and collect funds from our clients. We pay our vendors within agreed upon credit terms and we make sure that there are enough funds left over to pay both our employees and our owners.

We outsource our direct accounting services to outside entities. We also provide consulting services to other CUSOs and credit unions.

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March 19, 2024