Membership Opening

Honor Credit Union MAP site

CU*Answers offers a complete online membership opening process, referred to as MAP and MOP.


MAP stands for Membership Application Process

  • Every credit union can set up a FREE MAP website
  • The MAP website walks a user through the steps to provide membership information
  • MAP is mobile friendly, easy to set up, and positions your credit union as an internet retailer
  • Application information is imported into CU*BASE automatically
  • The membership is approved manually by a CU employee in CUB*ASE
  • Your MAP website can optionally include identity verification via Experian’s Precise ID tools (referred to as MAP+), for both the primary owner as well as for up to joint owners, if desired
  • You can also optionally include special eligibility requirements as well as require applicants to upload required documentation

MOP stands for Membership Opening Process

  • MOP includes everything from MAP
  • MOP also includes automatic approval of accounts, opening the new account and immediately logging the new member onto the It’s Me 247 online or mobile banking site
  • MOP can optionally include funding of the new membership account via a debit or credit card

You can create as many MAP/MOP sites as you like, with different look-and-feel styles and unique promotional messages and testimonial content.

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March 23, 2022