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Honor Credit Union MAP site

CU*Answers is on track to complete implementation of an online membership opening process in early 2017. The process to get there is a 3-step process: MAP, MAP+ and MOP.


What’s with all of the acronyms, right? Hang on. It’s not to difficult to understand. And there’s a reason we’re doing it in steps.

First, let’s describe each step:

MAP stands for Membership Application Process

  • MAP is a FREE website for your credit union
  • the MAP website walks a user through the steps to provide membership information
  • the information is imported into CU*BASE automatically
  • the membership is approved manually
  • your credit union must have a MAP website before the end of 2016

MAP+ stands for Membership Application Process plus Experian identification

  • MAP+ includes the MAP website plus identity verification via Experian’s Precise ID tools
  • MAP+ is scheduled to be implemented in late 2016

MOP stands for Membership Opening Process

  • MOP includes automatic approval of accounts
  • MOP is scheduled to be completed in 3 phases in late 2016 and early 2017

Each phase is dependent upon the previous phase and makes it much easier to implement if we do it in steps.

Your MAP Website

The first step in reaching our goal is to replace the It’s Me 247 Satellite Membership Application with a new Membership Application Process (MAP). This new MAP process has many features:

  • is mobile friendly
  • is easy to set up
  • positions your credit union as an internet retailer

The new MAP is required for your credit union before the end of 2016. The current Satellite Membership Application process will end on December 31, 2016.

Helpful Links

Ready to get started?

Start the MAP Order Process

Want to see a demo of a MAP site?

MAP test drive
On the demo MAP site, select the Apply Now button and then enter fictitious information.

Need more information on the new MAP?

Getting started with MAP

Not enough detail on MAP, MAP+ and MOP?

Detailed MAP, MAP+ & MOP information

June 26, 2019

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Apr 10, 2017