The Buzz Surrounding Overdraft Fees

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS CU*Answers has been following the recent news surrounding overdraft fees. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced they’d be investigating overdraft fee programs and may implement new rules. And there are ongoing lawsuits in California alleging credit unions have been applying fees improperly. While we wait to see what the… Read more »

Announcing iSweep PULSE Enhanced Management!

What is it? iSweep PULSE is a new method for remote management and monitoring of the iSweep hardware and Windows operating system. It will extend our recently announced and deployed Vault Manager capabilities and provide the following benefits: Improved security by removal of the legacy Windows SSH Server Integrated automated Microsoft Windows security updates and… Read more »

Compliance Concerns Got You Coming Unraveled?

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS Keep things together with PolicySwap and ExamShare! What is PolicySwap? A website where credit unions across the United States can upload and share their policies with each other. This time saving peer resource helps credit unions use each other’s policies as a back bone to create their own policies –… Read more »

Win Cash for Compliance by Entering the 2nd Cost of Compliance Contest!

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS Show us how you’ve flexed your compliance muscles with the 2015 Cost of Compliance Contest! The first Cost of Compliance contest winners provided excellent templates to measure your credit union’s compliance costs. Check out last year’s winning templates That is why last December, we announced the second Cost of Compliance… Read more »

The New Future of Bill Payment Integrations

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS Announcing a new future for bill pay vendor partnerships! This week, a letter was mailed to the CEO of each CU*Answers credit union currently partnered with Fiserv for its bill pay product. In this letter, we detailed the future of the relationship between CU*Answers and Fiserv as it relates… Read more »

The Pulse – 2015 Disaster Recovery Tests Now Available

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: 2015 Disaster Recovery Test Results Now Available Now available for your review is the gap analysis report summarizing the recent CU*Answers Disaster Recovery (DR) Test, performed May 5-7. In the report, you will find details about the test procedures performed, including challenges observed, lessons learned, and recommendations for improving… Read more »

Information Needed for Building Blocks to Online Account Opening: Precise ID

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS Thank you for joining us for the first in the new “Building Blocks to Online Account Opening” webinar series. In this webinar, we explored Experian’s Precise ID, an online identification verification software, and how you can use it to streamline online application processing, reduce fraud, and comply with regulatory requirements…. Read more »