A Guided Tour of CU*Answers

Who and What is CU*Answers?

Follow us through these 10 highlights of CU*Answers and what we do.

From data processing and computer support to marketing campaigns and teller training, CU*Answers helps credit unions address their every need, every day.

Why such an expansive approach? Because credit union needs are our needs too; CU*Answers is a CUSO and a cooperative owned by more than 145 credit unions nationwide. We’re not just a service provider, we’re an extension of your credit union’s staff; programmers, designers, hardware gurus and service professionals all ready to ensure your credit union excels at everything it does, from kids clubs to mortgages. We succeed when you succeed.

Speaking of success, more than 360 credit unions across the nation have partnered with us to find the answers to their credit union questions. We don’t promise to have all the answers; anyone who claims that is lying. Work with us, though, and you’ll see while we don’t have every answer, we’re pretty darn good at finding them.


June 6, 2022

CUSO Model

The Value of Equity Equity should lead to pride. Whether that equity is through investment in stock, a credit union’s reputation based on affiliation, or the equity built through hard work, this model is designed to create pride in our solutions for both the vendor and the credit union client. It depends on participants using… Read more »

CU*BASE Software

State of the Art Software CU*BASE is our state-of-the-art member data processing system combining the best of member information databases, marketing tools, high quality presentation tools, powerful processing capability and flexible configuration…all with a graphical interface that significantly shortens the staff learning curve. CU*BASE is delivered to credit unions as both an ASP (application services provider/service bureau) and fully… Read more »

Member Focus

Member Focus CU*Answers helps you help your members to be more confident financial service customers. It’s common sense: Members that understand your products and services are far more likely to try them. A knowledgeable member is going to say ‘yes’ much more quickly than one who feels unsure and out of the loop. CU*Secure.org CU*Answers offers CU*Secure.org, an… Read more »

Self Service Product Line

CU*Answers provides a variety of self-service product tools all tightly integrated to the CU*BASE processing system to promote maximum member value and ability to participate. “It’s Me 247” Online Banking A full-featured, host driven online banking solution that provides members instant access to their accounts. An encrypted connection ensures member security and privacy. It’s Me… Read more »

Education and Support

CU*Answers prides itself in offering many different education opportunities for our clients. We understand that one style of training doesn’t suit all learners, so we are dedicated to offering many choices. Whether it be online learning, classroom training, workshops, or training via web conference, we want to make sure you get what you need to become a power user… Read more »


Our goal is to answer your marketing questions and provide you with the tools that you’ll need to easily implement successful marketing campaigns and rollout new services to your members. Take advantage of the many pre-designed marketing materials that have proven effective in boosting member participation and that can save time and money. Most brochures, statement inserts and posters… Read more »

Valued Partners

CU*Answers is proud to maintain strategic partnerships with the following companies. If your company would like an introduction to one of these trusted partners, please contact the CU*Answers Sales team and we would be glad to put you in touch.   MarketingItem Processing

Item Processing

Image Check Processing Since the early 1980s, CU*Answers has offered premier Check Processing services to credit unions via its CU*Check application. Today, CU*Answers provides services to 77 credit unions, handling approximately 1 million checks monthly. The success of CU*Check comes from the quality service provided through our Item Processing Support Team. This dedicated group provide… Read more »


One of the greatest assets CU*Answers has to offer is that our structure mirrors that of credit unions: the people who lead the CUSO are the same people who own it and participate in it as partners. Our Board of Directors consists of a diverse group of seven dedicated credit union CEOs that provide focused leadership, as each member… Read more »

More Information

Thank you for taking our tour of CU*Answers. Please continue visiting our site by using any of the following links. Be sure to preview the wealth of information we offer to our existing clients. You’ll see that CU*Answers is the right choice for your credit union. I want to learn more about CU*Answers products I want to learn… Read more »