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The CU*Answers Solutions Contact Center is your source for high quality member support and interaction. Going through a product or core platform conversion or helping members through a difficult financial situation can be a stressful time for your members; and they deserve the best support in those times. Let our team of highly trained Solutions Specialists help you maintain a great relationship with your members.

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At the CU*Answers Solutions Contact Center, our team of Solutions Specialists are separated into two categories: Conversions Support and Collections.


With any credit union and lending department comes collections—let us take that weight off your shoulders. We’ll work with you to reduce that time consuming burden so your staff can focus on the credit union. Partner with our full-time team of collections professionals today and see the results for yourself! And if you only need partial assistance, we can provide that as well.

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Conversion Support

A conversion can be a very challenging time for your credit union staff. This can be especially true for your member service and phone support staff since they must continue to perform critical face-to-face teller transactions with a new system while maintaining
excellent member support. Your credit union will be facing a multitude of members that are confused or just didn’t read the pre-conversion information.

Because we recognize the challenges faced by your member support teams during this time, CU*Answers developed our Conversion Support Contact Center staffed by our Solution Specialists in order to assist your team with the spike in call volume during the CU*BASE conversion process. We can even help with a change in one of your service providers like bill pay!

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Download this brochure

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Lily Tomlin once said, “The road to success is always under construction.” The Solutions Contact Center has invested extensively to educate our team and provide the best service to both credit unions and members alike. However, there is always room for improvement at CU*Answers, and we’re continuing to learn alongside our credit unions. We hope you will work with us to grow and improve our services.

Please be open and communicate with us about what is working and what is not working. A complaint is a gift. Without these gifts – without working together – we cannot improve.

December 2, 2021