Custom Training Edition: CU*BASE CTE

The CU*BASE Custom Training Edition (CTE) is a new alternative to the shared simulated training environment (Bedrock Community CU) currently used by all CU*Answers online clients. For a one-time setup fee plus a monthly maintenance fee, you can have a copy of your own membership data set up as a training environment, available only to your credit union’s employees.

The CTE gives your team a safe place to practice using CU*BASE tools, learn new skills, and experiment with new features without potential harm to your live member data. And because it’s a copy of your actual files, both the product configurations and member accounts will be familiar and will behave like they do in your day-to-day environment.

Whether introducing new employees to CU*BASE or helping existing employees practice new skills, your CTE environment is perfect for keeping your team up to speed on the tools they’ll use every day to serve your members.

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CU*BASE CTE informational brochure (includes pricing)

CU*BASE CTE user guide and FAQs

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October 28, 2019

Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

Wednesday, September 8 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET This Month’s Focus Monthly Statement Deadlines For Sage Direct clients, the Statement Insert/Mailing Instruction screen is key for coordinating your paper inserts smoothly.  Missing the deadline of the 10th may cause your statement mailing to be delayed.  This may also result in a late fine from… Read more »

Aug 24, 2021

Take a Look at the CU*Answers University Courses for September!

Take a Look at the CU*Answers University Courses for September!

Each month, CU*Answers University hosts FREE web conferences and in-person events that highlight the many products and services our CUSO offers.  Take a look at the courses we have coming up in September!   Thursday, September 2 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM ET Member Service Trackers, Leads, and Follow-ups Register for web conference   Tuesday,… Read more »

Aug 23, 2021

CU*Answers offers four University Weeks

CU*Answers shows its commitment to ongoing client training by hosting University Weeks, which consist of a variety of web conferences and classroom courses condensed into a week-long period (Monday through Friday). These weeks are offered once a quarter. Lani Lowing, Client Services and Education Team Lead, stated “I am happy to announce that the 3rd […]

Aug 19, 2021

Do You Have a New Teller or Member Service Representative?

Do You Have a New Teller or Member Service Representative?

Join the Client Services and Education Team as we explore a day in the life of a Teller/Member Service Representative.  This course is geared toward new team members or current staff that would like a refresher in CU*BASE GOLD.  We will concentrate on the tools that help users answer various member inquiries relating to accounts… Read more »

Aug 3, 2021