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How API-95 Might Affect Your Idea

API-95This is a year of some major foundation projects, including the big one we’re calling API-95. During the 2018 API-95 Pause For The Cause we will be putting a hold on releasing new features for our desktop and mobile banking products.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop talking about them and taking your suggestions. In fact, the Online-19 project means that we will be spending the year brainstorming and planning for the next incarnation of It’s Me 247 for desktop and mobile users. So add your voice as we develop our wish list!

We take your ideas seriously

But we need you to, also. Submitting an idea form should not just be a whim you had while on the drive to work this morning. Making a change could affect everyone in the CU*Answers family. Some changes save you time, others drive your business. Make your case for why you need what you need.

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A way to start a dialogue

Remember the Idea Form is just that – communication of an idea. Like a suggestion box. It’s a method to ask for an enhancement or a new feature; maybe a new report.

What if you discover an issue that needs to be fixed? In that case, you want us to do more than consider an idea; you want the problem fixed. If you have an actual issue with how the software is working, report it to a CSR so a project sheet can be submitted if needed.

Reviewed by our CEO and design team

Remember that you are asking your CUSO to spend your and your colleagues’ money, so use the Idea Form to state your case. Address all aspects of the potential development: the level of importance, the effect it will have on all CU*Answers clients, the ripple effect on other systems, the improvements you expect and the benefits of the change.

Once you submit your Idea Form, you can expect a reply in about 6-8 weeks, at which point you will be asked to join in a back-and-forth dialogue with our team as we debate feasibility and techniques that might turn your idea into reality. Just remember that not all ideas can be adopted for development.

Fill out an Idea Form

To submit an Idea Form, log in to CU*BASE GOLD as usual. Click the “Network Links” button network links in the bottom-left corner of any screen or menu. Click on “Submit an Idea” then just follow the instructions. It’s easy!

Initiating a request for custom development

Sometimes your idea is more than just a suggestion, it’s a full-blown project, where your credit union is willing to pay for the custom development work to be prioritized and completed by our programming teams. Check out the Initiating a Special Project Request page for more details; we’d love to work with you on your custom project.

Developer's Help DeskBe sure to also check out the Developer’s Help Desk for more information about custom software development through our Design Studio process.

Visit the Developer’s Help Desk

January 12, 2018

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Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Money Movement Analysis Dashboard

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Jun 20, 2019

Learn About ZOGO Mobile Banking Solutions and More in Variable Ventures’ Latest Webinar

Learn About ZOGO Mobile Banking Solutions and More in Variable Ventures’ Latest Webinar

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Jun 14, 2019

Order a Data Warehouse for Custom Data Storage in the Core

Order a Data Warehouse for Custom Data Storage in the Core

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Jun 14, 2019