CUSO Model

The Value of Equity

cuso modelEquity should lead to pride. Whether that equity is through investment in stock, a credit union’s reputation based on affiliation, or the equity built through hard work, this model is designed to create pride in our solutions for both the vendor and the credit union client. It depends on participants using CU*Answers products to their fullest. CU*Answers’ goal is that every credit union staff member be a power user and that the goals set in the sales cycle are met through efficient and effective presentation to every member. From the receptionist to the CEO, CU*Answers products are designed to focus the light of expertise on every credit union staff member.

Return on Investment

The backbone of CU*Answers’ vendor model is the concept that R&D is a function of credit union investment, not credit union invoice. Credit unions enjoy the benefits of ownership by providing capital funding for the research and development of new products and capabilities. Credit unions earn income on their investment throughout the development of new CU*Answers solutions. This shared R&D investment reduces the risk of new technologies.

During the implementation of these new solutions, CU*Answers credit unions benefit again from their investment by avoiding large up-front invoices for new services. For example, when many credit unions were spending more than $50,000 up front for home banking solutions, CU*Answers credit unions jumped into the Internet marketplace with no money down and low transaction fees. Both the credit unions and CU*Answers were vested in the success of home banking, one member at a time. As home banking usage grew to 500,000 minutes per month throughout 2000, everyone shared in the success.

CU*Answers is a CUSO and a Cooperative

We’ve been living the cooperative spirit for years. Credit Unions are cooperatives. CU*Answers is a cooperative. This is a driving business model for our industry. Cooperatives are built by their members; members who fund and direct their credit unions through elections of leaders, allowing individual interests to align with community needs. Learn more about the Cooperative Spirit at CU*Answers.

Proud Member of NACUSO

As a proud member of the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO), we share in NACUSO’s goal of helping credit unions form multi-owned CUSOs and to participate in collaboration and the cooperative business model.


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November 2, 2016