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Keep Your Board On Board!

The new board sites from CU*Answers allow you to share digital documents for your board meetings, create a rolling calendar for your upcoming meetings and connect your board members. Start sharing your board meeting documents digitally today!

Your board site:

  • board siteis free with advertising or a very reasonable $25/month without advertising *
  • provides a rolling board calendar
  • provides a means to share documents digitally
  • is easy to manage & update

What you get with a board site:

  • a dedicated board website
  • privacy by requiring a login to view content
  • an administrator account for your accounts and updates
  • board member accounts for your board members
  • a mobile friendly site – use whatever device you want!

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* Non-CU*Answers credit union pricing: $25/month with ads, $50/month without ads.

Demo Board Site

Following are the Getting Started Guides for both Board Site Administrators and Board Site Members.

Getting Started Guide for Administrators

Download for Board Admin

Getting Started Guide for Board Members

Download for Board Member

March 29, 2017