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So what’s the difference between beta and “active” beta?
This page describes traditional beta testing for software prior to full implementation to all clients. Active beta is a whole different animal that lets us release live software in the field, for everyone to test over an extended period. Learn more about Active Beta

Does your credit union like to be in on the ground floor of new tools and ideas?

Have you got the kind of team that dives into new software with enthusiasm?

Are you an early adopter just chomping at the bit to get at that next new software feature?

Earn CollabRebate $$ for beta-testing!

If you’re willing to help us test other new tools at the same time, you just might get your wish.

We’re always on the lookout for credit unions willing to participate in the beta-test period for major CU*BASE software releases. If your credit union would like be in the pool considered for beta testing new features and enhancements, we need you!

Specific Requirements for the Next Release

Beta Test Begins Full Release to Online CUs Teams Affected Most

August 27, 2023

October 8, 2023

  • EFT/Plastics
  • Back Office/Accounting
  • Member Service
  • Lending
CollabRebate for Beta Test: $3,000
Beta CUs selected: TBA Credit Union, Frankenmuth Credit Union, First Trust Credit Union, and Quest Federal Credit Union


Team or Criteria  Eligible More Details
Xtend Shared Branch Participants Yes CUs using Xtend Shared Branching are able to participate in this beta.
CUs with shared employee arrangements with other CUs * It is not possible for a CU in a shared employee arrangement to participate in a beta-test unless all parties in that arrangement also agree to participate in the beta. Other eligibility rules also apply.
Co-Op (National) Shared Branching Participants Yes CUs using Co-Op Shared Branching are able to participate in this beta.
Accounting/Back Office This release contains a new feature to reset a printer device in-house and enhancements to the Collections Summary dashboard to match revised delinquency terms. We’ve also made enhancements to the BSA Dashboard to help with managing workflow within the tool.
Teller/Member Service We are expanding the options for configurable contact preferences, enhancing the transaction override feature to allow multiple overrides for an account, adding the ability to run a credit report/risk assessment for a non-member, and the password reset feature to allow input for specific temporary passwords.

We’ve also added Active Status Tracking in Marketing clubs to track debit and credit transactions, as well as number of payroll and number of ACH transactions.

Also included in this release is the option to offer 2FA (two factor authentication) for P2P enrollments and transfers.

EFT This release contains additional expansion of the Merchant Category Code programs that will allow credit unions to offer rebates and promotions to members based on MCC groups.

We’ve also made enhancements to the credit and debit maintenance screens to allow for more intuitive sorting.

Lending We’ve made updates to the underwriter packet, household info, and more options for view-only information (great if a loan app is locked).

Additionally, this release includes enhancements to the CLR Path Decision Advisor, a new on demand FUEL Decision Performance Report, and updates to flex loans.

See a list of projects planned for this release

Feedback From Recent Beta-Tests

How to Earn the Beta-Test CollabRebate

CollabRebateTo increase the effectiveness of our beta-test process, we need as many eligible CUs in our beta pool as possible. We recognize that beta-testing is an added challenge for your busy teams, and we also know how important a good beta-test is for the success of our releases with all of our clients. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is by offering a CollabRebate reward for active beta-test participants.

  • How much money are we talking? For each of our 2-3 major releases per year, we’ll offer between $2,500 and $5,000 per beta-test CU. The amount will be determined prior to the release according to the number of projects and relative complexity of the release.  For example, for a recent release we offered a beta-test CollabRebate of up to $3,000.
  • What do you mean, “up to?” If your credit union actively participates in the beta by staying in contact with our teams and completing the necessary feedback forms, we’ll award the full amount. (In the past we have had credit unions start off with a bang then back out partway through the test period, so we do reserve the right to adjust the amount if appropriate, based on a credit union’s actual participation.)
  • What do we have to do? You’ll need to agree to the rules and tasks outlined below, including completing our feedback form and returning it to our QC team within 1 week after the end of the beta test.
  • Can anyone be a beta? Not every release can be beta-tested by every credit union, so first check the requirements to see if you are eligible. And while we do want multiple beta test sites, we need to keep the project manageable. So we reserve the right to choose the final selection of beta CUs for each release.
  • When will I know I am in the beta? We will make the announcement on the Wednesday three weeks prior to the beta test start date. You will contacted immediately by our QC team to arrange for your training web conference a week or two prior to the beta release.
  • What if I can’t gear up my team that quickly? Then perhaps beta-testing is not right for your credit union. The reality of our development track is that software releases move very rapidly. Our beta credit unions need to be able to hit the ground running. But rest assured we are behind you every step of the way and you will receive targeted, one-on-one support during the beta period. And don’t forget that CollabRebate waiting for you when you hit the finish line!

…keep reading to learn about what you’ll be committing to, and what you’ll get as a beta-tester.

September 20, 2023

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Important Training on Upgrades to Work Daily BSA/CTR Activity Arriving with CU*BASE 23.10

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Sep 26, 2023

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Join Us for a FREE Education Express Webinar!

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Sep 26, 2023

2023 ACH Audit Now Available

2023 ACH Audit Now Available

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Sep 25, 2023