Conversations on Pricing

Conversations on Pricing

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2024 Conversations on Pricing

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 2:00 PM ET via Zoom.

Why you should attend

The 2024 Conversations on Pricing is the 20th anniversary of this event, proving that CU*Answers is walking the talk alongside our owners and partners. Join us for this 5-year study on the pricing models of our cooperative outlining what we charge and why. Participation represents a unique chance for owners and vested clients to interact on how CUSO pricing designs affect credit union budgets and operations. For pricing to be a sustainable competitive advantage for our CUSO, it has to come from a close partnership with all of you.

This 5th iteration of this event has been moved to Zoom to maximize network-wide participation. Add your voice and join us on May 22nd.


Registration is open until 1:00 PM ET on May 22, 2024.
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  • Introductions and Goals
  • 5-Year Historical Review
  • Why and How We Charge Fees
  • CU*BASE Invoice Analysis
  • Open Questions and Answers

Join us for the 5th iteration of the Conversations on Pricing! We’ll start this event with introductions and the goals of this group before moving into an overview of our pricing model for the past 5 years. We’ll discuss why and how we charge fees as well as how to analyze your CU*BASE invoices. After that, we’ll open the floor for questions and answers.
Conversations on Pricing Agenda

April 30, 2024