What is CheckLogic?

CheckLogicCheckLogic is the preferred Check21 processing solution for CU*BASE clients (provided by eDOC Innovations).

CheckLogic is a high-quality, cost-efficient solution for branch check capture and electronic image forward processing. This solution allows your credit union to perform total image capture and electronic forward collection of deposits to receive 100% next-day availability. Using advanced Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) and Image Character Recognition (ICR) software, MICR line and courtesy amount information is scanned and then converted to a X9.37 file format for electronic forward clearing. Additionally, the ICR software enables CheckLogic to capture critical account or transaction information not printed on the MICR line during a single pass through the scanner, facilitating check balancing and image retrieval.

Benefits to Your Credit Union:

  • Automate transmissions of daily deposits from all branches
  • Realize 100% next-day availability for deposit transmissions
  • Eliminate costly courier service for deposited items
  • Reduce delivery time for adjustments and returns
  • Access all deposit images including ON-US, transit, foreign & miscellaneous items through one centralized database
  • Limit transactional costs by keeping ON-US items separate from transit items
  • Decrease the float for the deposited items and realize interest gains
  • Increased fraud mitigation due to scanner and database functionality
  • Realize interest gains from decreased float for deposited items
  • Maintain a historical record of your item processing for compliance and review
  • Provide individual daily deposits for each branch for easy reconciliation and accounting
  • Receive daily reports that provide detailed research for branch-level analysis
  • Gain access to an advanced User Interface that allows multiple users to process check images
  • Automate workflow to speed through quality review and repair of individual check items

More Information

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February 17, 2022