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Effective Sunday, March 31, Project Monitor – a CU*Answers website which provides a look into the current state of development for all projects – will officially be replaced with a new and improved version known as Owner’s View.

Owner’s View presents the ability to search and filter your credit union’s projects, track them through the process from start to finish, and even leave notes for fellow credit union employees or reminders for yourself on where a project currently stands.

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Try out Owner’s View Today!

More About Monitor:

Refer to the Release Summaries page for a complete listing of “Monthly Monitor Recap” issues. Each documents the projects implemented each month.

Monitor is a shared project management tool that gives everyone involved in developing software tools a centralized list to help all team members understand where projects stand at any time. Monitor is a web site designed to encourage candid conversations between credit unions and CU*Answers product development teams.

These teams include not only CU*Answers technical staff such as programmers, systems analysts and quality control personnel, but also the business people who plan to use these tools to meet credit union member needs.

Monitor is a shared project management tool giving team members the ability to track any project’s status at any time.

These team members not only include CU*Answers’ staff, but also the credit union employees driven to meet the needs of their members.

By keeping all our projects open to our clients, CU*Answers is again emphasizing the cooperative spirit inherit to credit unions. Anyone can track their own projects as well as gain insight into other credit unions’ project requests.

How CU*Answers Will Use Monitor

Monitor is a key part of CU*Answers’ software development strategies. It allows our team to understand what projects have been approved, which of our team members are currently taking the lead on completing a project, and how our resources are being allocated toward our credit union partners’ needs and desires.

We view Monitor as a central list and a productivity tool that keeps all of us on the same page. While credit union client service calls are logged through the CU*Answers AnswerBook to allow our staff to understand the day-to-day client service issues, Monitor is designed to pick up after a project number has been assigned.

How Your Credit Union Team Might Use Monitor

How does your credit union manage your list of projects with CU*Answers? We hope you have developed a system to ensure that the things you need from CU*Answers are delivered to you in a timely manner. In many credit unions this might be the responsibility of a team of people or only a single coordinator.

Either way, we hope that you will use Monitor to better understand what is underway here at CU*Answers in regards to your needs. More importantly, we hope you will monitor our project logs to make sure the projects are on track. For example, are your current projects still needed? Often, credit unions will call with a problem and initiate a project, then later find out that the project is not the solution they really needed after all. Another example might be that you have a project outstanding with a third-party vendor that you plan to leave in the near future–does CU*Answers know this project no longer needs to be on the list?

You may even want to add Monitor to your internal Intranet so that all credit union team members might get some sense of the projects that on their way to your credit union.

You and your team need to realize that CU*Answers project resources are an extension of your credit union, and these resources need everyone’s input to be properly assigned and effectively utilized to get as much done as possible for all CU*Answers partners.

How Your Credit Union and CU*Answers Will Use Monitor Together

Most people would like to think that change can be managed with a plan of grand design. Projects are requested, they are committed to, and they are worked on in the order in which they were received. Unfortunately, software design is not a car assembly line. Managing change for credit unions is not always a straightforward business.

Outside influences such as regulators, marketplace trends, and changing member needs means that the credit unions who make up CU*Answers need to be able to adjust and respond to both long-term and short-term changes that credit union members demand. So both CU*Answers and your team needs the ability occasionally to step on the gas or pull the emergency brake.

Monitor is designed to be the central tool that we use in negotiating changes to the grand design of building a shared technology platform. It is our intent that no one in your organization or ours will lose sight of the projects in the pipeline. It is our promise that when you need to talk with a CU*Answers project manager, the CIO, or the CEO, that these individuals will be familiar with your projects and have the references they need to help you adjust our projects to meet your business needs.

Together, we will meet the challenges that credit union members demand from credit union technology.

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April 1, 2019