Consider the Customer Profile to be your contact directory. Your directory contains important information about the staff members you count on to connect to CU*Answers Management Services for strategic planning, launching new products, or just to brainstorm on a new idea. Use this site to create your profile or to make one-off changes for individuals.

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In order to provide your credit union with the best service possible, it is important that we stay connected with your staff. From the CEO to the statement coordinator, if we know who to contact, we can go further together. Using the CU*BASE Customer Master Database to maintain updated contact information, we can ensure those who need to be informed are, including your staff and our service professionals. This site allows you to securely share that information about your team.

Consider updating your Credit Union Profile an annual event. Time when you may need to create a new profile are: You’re new to our network, you have merged with another credit union, or your credit union’s name has changed. From time to time you may have made changes to your email addresses affecting the entire organization or have had significant changes in staffing over a short period of time.

Completing your profile may take up to 20-30 minutes. This can be reduced by having a staff listing on hand including phone numbers, extensions, email address, title and cell phone number when applicable. Get started now by filling out the form below.

Defining Roles in the Customer Profile


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Making a Singular Change

If you have already completed the above form and need to make changes you can update your existing profile information with this form.

October 15, 2020