Select Flooding of Data Fields

If the CU*BASE Self Directed Data Floods toolkit doesn’t include the specific flood that you need to do, this project management process involves the custom, programmatic flooding of data fields. This normally revolves around a change in the manner in which a specific member product was configured in the past and which must be reconfigured for a specific reason. Other types of changes such as general ledger updates and account type setup can be completed as well.

Announcements & Status

Process Timelines

Process Task Approximate Time
Days to Review & Bid Request 14 Days
Average Time for Programming 2 Weeks
Average Time for Testing and Implementation 2 Days

Principal Contacts at CU*Answers

  • CU*Answers Customer Service – 800-327-3478


$100 – $350 depending on complexity of project

Available Do-It-Yourself Options

February 17, 2022