Laser Checks & Logo Changes

This is the project management process of either designing a new laser check or updating an existing one. Inclusive is the changing of laser signatures, logos, and name and address updates. This process does entail the coordination of external vendors which create the images for your utilization. It is highly dependent upon your ability to provide these images in a timely manner as well as our business partners backlog of projects.

Process Timelines

Process Task Approximate Time
Days to Review & Bid Request 14 Days
Average Time for Programming 2 Weeks
Average Time for Testing 1 Week

Principal Contacts at CU*Answers

Getting Started with Laser Checks

Setting up a laser printer for checks opens the door to many possibilities: high-quality, professional looking corporate checks and money orders, as well as member starter and replacement checks. Once you have decided to proceed with laser check printing, the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact Scott Page at CU*Answers (ext. 103) for ordering and specifications on planning the implementation.
  • Order the CheckSecure hardware and coordinate installation/configuration.
  • Decide how the credit union logo will be printed on the checks. There are two options:
    • a) The credit union logo can be printed directly onto the paper stock by the supplier. This would be coordinated directly with your paper vendor and would allow you to print the logo in color or with other special printing options.
    • b) The logo can be printed in black ink onto blank stock along with the rest of the check text. For this option you must provide CU*Answers with camera-ready artwork, or a digital image which will be processed and stored in the CheckSecure device memory card along with the MICR font.
  • Coordinate how signatures will print. If you wish, an authorized signature can be digitized and printed along with the rest of the check on the laser printer. If you elect this option, you must provide signatures to CU*Answers to be stored on the flash memory card in the CheckSecure device. Please use the Signature Template (see the Laser Printing with CU*BASE booklet) to sign on a blank sheet of paper. You must mail the original signatures to CU*Answers to be processed.
  • Contact  CU*Answers when all required elements are ready. We will then create a sample check and fax it to you with a pricing authorization form for review.

 Current New Laser Check Pricing

Service/Product Price
Initial credit union startup fee $950
Includes the initial programming, check image (including signatures and/or logos), testing and 250 sheets of member starter check stock (1,000 checks).
Programming of additional flash memory cards $35/device
CheckSecure device $765
Flash Memory Card $130 ea.

*All prices are quoted as of April 19, 2001 and are subject to change without notice.

Making Changes to Current Laser Checks

In the even your credit union has changed names or addresses, or you wish to begin using a different signature on your checks, the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact CU*Answers with the required changes.
  • If you are changing a logo, please supply camera-ready artwork or a digital image. If you are changing signatures, please mail the original (using the signature template from the document “Laser Printing with CU*BASE”) to CU*Answers.
  • We will then create a sample check and fax it to you with a pricing authorization form for review. Once we receive all necessary information and the authorization, we will begin programming. Average time for programming and testing is 3 weeks.

Current Laser Check Change Pricing

Service/Product Price
Processing of logo artwork $275
Processing of signature artwork $225
Update flash memory card $35/device
December 19, 2019