Online ATM/Debit Card Vendor Interfaces

This project management process revolves around choosing and developing an interface for the offering of ATM/Debit cards in an online mode. This process requires a very high level of understanding of the existing relationships which CU*Answers has with outside vendors. This process requires a high degree of coordination between yourself, CU*Answers, and the vendor of your choice.

Standards, Guidelines and Specifications –
Communications Protocols For File Transmissions
File Format Specifications For Files From Third-Party Vendors

Process Timelines

Process Task Approximate Time
Days to Review & Bid Request 14 Days
Average Time for Programming 8 Weeks
Average Time for Testing and Implementation 2 Weeks

Principal Contacts at CU*Answers

Contact the SettleMINT EFT Team at .

Existing Vendor Relations

ATM/Debit Card Interfaces Supported by CU*BASE.

Current Pricing

  • Custom Bid will be Provided

How Do I Manage This Project?

If you ever decide to change a process for a current set up, or you would like to add an interface altogether, you can begin by contacting CU*Answers.

You will need to consider the following areas:

  • Current contracts
  • Vendor costs
  • Review the CU*Answers existing vendor list
  • Research if new cards will be required, recurring costs involved, and any required due dates

Next, you will want to follow the life cycle steps:

  • Contact CU*Answers about the project
  • CU*Answers will review the project and submit price quote to you
  • You will review the quote and return the Project Authorization to CU*Answers
  • Project sheet is created and assigned to a CU*Answers resource
  • You and/or your vendor will be contacted with any questions, if needed
  • Project is tested
  • Project is implemented
January 4, 2017