This project management process revolves around the merging of another credit union into your own. This entails the consolidation of the member and credit union files as well as the potential of assisting in the training of the newly acquired credit union. This process is completely dependent upon CU*Answers existing conversion schedule and your understanding of the first available date is extremely important. No commitments can be made until all third party vendors have been identified and communicated to CU*Answers on the form in the below listed guide.

Announcements & Status

  • Contact CU*Answers to see what time slots are available.


Process Timelines

Process Task Approximate Time
Average Time for Programming 12 – 16 Weeks
Average Time for Testing and Implementation 2 Weeks

Principal Contacts at CU*Answers

  • Martha Anderson, ext 114
  • Cindy Stevens, ext 170

Merger Guide

Other Documents

January 3, 2017