Conversion Marketing Materials

Inform your membership about your upcoming conversion to CU*BASE, It’s Me 247 Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and CU*Talk.

Here is an assortment of informational and marketing materials that our clients have used in the past.  The CU*Answers Conversion team has collected these pieces over the years and the originating credit unions have released them to the network for anyone to use.

Every credit union is different.  There is no set schedule on when you should tell your members what.  Use these as a starting point.  Use these as inspiration.  And if you make something of your own, please share it with us so everyone can benefit!








Internal Staff

Upgrade Guides

Merger Mailers




January 19, 2023

Join Us for a Conversation On Mergers and CU Partnerships!

Join Us for a Conversation On Mergers and CU Partnerships!

Join us for a conversation on Mergers and CU Partnerships!  Designed for clients who are considering mergers or strategic partnerships/alignments, this event will explore different merger options that are available and how involved parties will need to prepare.  Additionally, we’ll share insights from clients who have previously participated in mergers. This Conversations On Mergers/CU Partnerships… Read more »

Feb 23, 2023