CEO: Geoff Johnson

CEO Geoff Johnson

CEO Geoff Johnson


As CEO of CU*Answers, Geoff Johnson brings a wealth of practical lending experience and industry knowledge to the table with sixteen years in credit union leadership roles that oversaw the strategic direction of lending and sales in the following areas: commercial, consumer, credit card, indirect, participation, real estate, and all aspects of collections. Geoff Johnson was appointed the Chief Operations Officer of CU*Answers in 2014, promoted to President/COO in 2018, and selected by the CU*Answers Board of Directors to serve as the CUSO’s Chief Executive Officer in 2021.

Mr. Johnson is also a key partner and advocate of the network of credit union service organizations. He currently serves as board members of Xtend, a shared resources and consulting services CUSO, and eDOC Innovations, a nationwide leader in mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) software. Geoff also serves on the CU Outdoors Board of Directors.

Since joining CU*Answers in 2005 as the Executive Vice President of Client Interactions, Geoff has worked closely in the growth and development of the Management Services teams including Earnings Edge, Lender*VP, AuditLink, Web Services, SettleMINT, and Imaging Solutions. Mr. Johnson has brought his love of the great outdoors into the business, fostering an attitude of appreciation for the work done and a desire to explore new paths for the organization.

October 3, 2022