CFO: Bob Frizzle

CFO Bob Frizzle

CFO Bob Frizzle

CFO, CU*Answers


Formerly Chief Financial Officer of a credit union in Virginia, Mr. Frizzle has been involved in the credit union industry since 1988.

Mr. Frizzle has served as CU*Answers CFO since joining the 100% credit union-owned cooperative Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) in 1997.

Mr. Frizzle is responsible not only for CU*Answers accounting and financial activities, but also plays a key role in the operation of independent business units under the CU*Answers umbrella, including its Item Processing arm, Management Services and Network Services.

His sharp negotiating skills were instrumental in the formation of the network of CUSOs, including CU*NorthWest, CU*SOUTH, Xtend, Inc. and Site-Four as well as the purchase of majority ownership in eDOC Innovations.

Mr. Frizzle also provides accounting and CFO services to numerous national organizations and CUSOs. These include Xtend, Inc., eDOC Innovations, NACUSO, CU Student Choice, CU*NorthWest, and Chatter Yak. He is an active board member for eDOC Innovations.

A list of impressive credentials has led national groups, such as NACUSO, CUMIS, and Callahan & Associates, to seek his consultation.

Under Mr. Frizzle’s direction, CU*Answers was able to launch innovative initiatives such as; the Spirit of CU*Answers Scholarship program to provide services to help struggling credit unions grow, a De Novo program to provide free data processing for start-up credit unions, and the Innovation and Investment Grant program that funds new ideas.

During his tenure at CU*Answers the company realized impressive growth.

1997 2015
Assets 4,226,208 27,490,495
Liabilities 3,290,625 13,214,608
Equity 907,583 14,275,887
Owners 30 124
R/E 434,339 2,441,930
Revenue 6,138,374 47,187,442

In addition to his track record for managing the numbers, Mr. Frizzle also has a talent for successfully managing people. When asked to describe him in one word, his Accounting Team staff describes him as; diplomatic, understanding, supportive, loyal, honest, high integrity, and a good listener.

October 1, 2021