EVP: Dawn Moore

EVP Dawn Moore

EVP Dawn Moore


When Dawn Moore joined the CU*Answers team in 1995, she was given the task of updating all end-user materials for the new CU*BASE® brand and starting a fledgling documentation initiative for the newly-introduced core platform. Since that time Dawn has built and led a team of writers who develop all of the instructional content for CU*Answers software products and deliver communications to clients about CU*Answers products, services, and events.

As a leader on the CU*Answers Product Team, Dawn has also spearheaded many designs for new and enhanced CU*BASE software features, including the design and implementation of a completely new navigation system for the CU*BASE core processing software platform in 2017.

Named Vice President of Writing Team/Product Design in 2008, in 2022 Dawn was promoted to serve on the CU*Answers Executive Council as EVP of Client Experience. Dawn oversees the teams and initiatives that support and foster relationships and positive day-to-day interactions with CU*Answers clients. Her oversight includes the client support teams under the Client Interactions and CU*Answers Management Services banners, as well as CU*Answers product design teams, with the goal of ensuring a consistent and quality end-user experience for our clients interacting with our products.

Prior to joining CU*Answers (then WESCO), Dawn spent five years as a trainer and writer for a national computer training company chain.

September 16, 2022