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Two for Tuesday with CEO Geoff Johnson – 05/28/2024

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Each week, Geoff Johnson, CEO of CU*Answers, highlights two key topics that your credit union should be following.  Watch the video below to hear Geoff’s insight on this week’s topics.


2 Responses to “Two for Tuesday with CEO Geoff Johnson – 05/28/2024”

  1. Kate

    what is the product Alycia is discussing? it sounds like she is saying “winlo lotto” even the close captions didn’t capture what she is saying. ;-)

    • Dawn Moore

      Thanks for asking! That’s “Win the Lotto” and refers to the idea of what happens in an organization when a key person with lots of experience wins the lottery and decides to hit the road, taking all that valuable knowledge with them. The aim of this program is to constantly capture that knowledge in our documentation.


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