Boot Camps

A message from CEO Randy Karnes:

Our new Executive Study Boot Camps series is designed to find and foster relationships with CU professionals who are willing to take the time to lead our CUSO as owners, no matter what position they fill at the CU. Ownership is a state of mind. All of us in the CU business who can’t officially own stock in the organizations where we work understand that better than anyone. We know the way to own something is to participate and to find the value to ourselves through that participation.

I’m encouraging you to take ownership and come help us be the organization that can help you with your credit union’s goals, your members’ goals, and even your own.

Boot Camps and Executive Study Groups are intensive interactions between CU*Answers design, development, and technical leaders with credit union participants, covering a subject matter at a deeper level than is typical for most education and focus group sessions.

But while the participants will learn plenty of in-the-weeds details about a particular topic, that’s not the main point. These events help us to grow our community of cooperative leaders. We don’t just want you to have a voice in what solutions we offer, we want you to be intimately involved in how we design, build, and support them. We want you to be an owner, to feel like an owner, to help us deliver something you want to consume.

If at the end of a boot camp or study group interaction you feel connected to the process and a sense of responsibility to the overall success of the CUSO, beyond what you might get out of it as a customer, then we’ve accomplished our most important goal: to engage you as owners.

A note from one of our participants

Travis Lane from DOLFCU has grown exponentially as part of these boot camps. I am so impressed at what he has learned, what he brings back to our credit union and what he is adding to the network. DOLFCU is not a big credit union – we have 19 employees. Collaboration is a major priority at DOLFCU. I encourage you to take a look at what the Boot Camps have accomplished over the years and take advantage of this program.

Joan Moran. CEO DOLFCU

Learn about the 2019 Boot Camps

View slides from the 2018 Leadership Conference Showing Changes Planned for 2019 Boot Camps


Executive Study Groups

executive_study_groupsExecutive Study Groups provide a forum for leaders to discuss the issues that affect their institutions, teams, businesses and the industry at large. Participants meet to share information and discover new strategies to make their operations more effective.

Each Executive Study Group focuses on a different management area and may be repeated.

Executive Study Groups

October 23, 2018

Join Network Services for our September Boot Camp!

Join Network Services for our September Boot Camp!

Join us September 8th and 9th for a two-day boot camp!  This is an opportunity for your credit union IT members build their knowledge of core product deployment and support. One of our goals during the Network Services Boot Camp is to help provide a tighter integration between credit union IT staff and the CNS… Read more »

Jun 8, 2021