DR/BR Consulting Services

In a constantly changing and ever increasing complex business and IT environment, unplanned disruptions can be costly, resulting in financial losses, member dissatisfaction and regulatory compliance issues. Countering these risks and creating the resilience a business must have to remain competitive requires more than a stand-alone disaster recovery plan. A comprehensive Business Continuity Management (BCM) program is the tool of choice designed to address those risks and vulnerabilities, measure their impact on critical business functions, ad develop strategies and procedures to mitigate them and restore functions as quickly as possible in the event of a disruption.

What We Do

Whether your requirements call for the development of a new recovery plan or program or to improve an existing one, our goal is still the same: to quickly and effectively ensure your organization is prepared for a disruptions, while also setting the foundation for a long-term continuity program that adapts to your changing needs in both business and technology.

The same talent, skills and expertise used to safeguard core-processing for the CU*Answers network is available to your organization. Our experience in the credit union industry will help guide your program so that it properly measures up to regulatory requirements (NCUA, FFIEC, etc.), standards and guidelines, peers in the industry, and professional best practices. To accomplish this, we offer the right mix of professional services organized into three categories:

  1. Planning and Consulting (needs assessment and designing the roadmap)
  2. Design and Development (gathering the information and writing the plan)
  3. Implementation and Coordination (training staff and testing the plan)
Professional Services


A “one-size-fits-all” approach is not realistic or cost-effective. An initial consultation to identify the objectives and scope of the engagement will help us build a custom blend of services to best meet your specific needs. Affordable solutions are available ranging from high-level planning and consulting engagements, to plan health checks and full program development and implementations.

Next Steps

Contact a certified CU*Answers Continuity Consultant today to custom design an engagement that best meets your business objectives.



Professional Services available include:

  • Business Continuity Planning and Resilience Testing
  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive Information Security Program (CISP)
  • Staff Security Training
  • IT Examination and Audit Preparation
  • IT Strategy Consulting
CU*Answers Network Services

Managed Services available include:

  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) including off-site data storage
  • Virtual Branch / Virtual Office
May 17, 2018

[The Pulse] 2020 Business Continuity Plan (mid-year revision) Now Available

[The Pulse] 2020 Business Continuity Plan (mid-year revision) Now Available

As your core data processor, we continue to invest in high availability and recovery strategies to ensure that the products and services you count on us for are there when you need them. Implementing those strategies and responding when uncertainty happens requires a well-designed and thoroughly tested plan. We’ve recently updated the 2020 CU*Answers Business… Read more »

Aug 5, 2020

CUSO offering free educational webinar on changing how credit unions approach business continuity planning

On July 21, 2020, cooperative CUSO CU*Answers will present a free web-based educational course for credit unions covering the steps necessary to create a relevant and comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. New for this presentation are considerations for pandemic planning and mobilizing the remote workforce learned during COVID-19 and government stay-at-home mandates. This webinar is one […]

Jul 17, 2020

Don’t Forget the Human Element

It is important for all businesses big and small to have a Business Continuity plan/program to plan for those events that disrupt business as usual. One important concept to remember is that even though there is a plan for the business, it revolves around people. The Business Continuity Plan is only as good as the… Read more »

Jun 4, 2020

CU*Answers publishes gap analysis report for spring high-availability rollover test

On April 7, 2020, CU*Answers published and announced the gap analysis report detailing the results of the spring high-availability rollover test performed from March 8th through March 15th. During the rollover event, live production for CU*BASE is redirected from systems at the primary data center in Grand Rapids, MI, to identical systems at the secondary […]

Apr 14, 2020

[The Pulse] HA Rollover Results Now Available

[The Pulse] HA Rollover Results Now Available

HA Rollover Results Now Available Rollover: March 8 – 15 Now available for your review is a summary of the recent HA (high-availability) rollover event, performed March 8 – 15.  In the report, you will find details about the exercise, including challenges observed, lessons learned, and recommendations for improving the rollover process. HA Rollover Results… Read more »

Apr 7, 2020

Is Your Staff Ready for the Next Disruption or Security Incident? We Can Help.

Is Your Staff Ready for the Next Disruption or Security Incident?  We Can Help.

A credit union can invest in technology, write comprehensive contingency plans, and check all of the compliance boxes – but if effective response and recovery is not part of regular day-to-day activities, business disruptions can catch you by surprise, last longer than they should, and increase the level of frustration for you, your staff and… Read more »

Mar 3, 2020

Last Chance to Test Connectivity Before this Weekend’s Scheduled HA Rollover

Last Chance to Test Connectivity Before this Weekend’s Scheduled HA Rollover

ATTENTION ONLINE CREDIT UNIONS Perform your connectivity test before this weekend! Don’t forget: the next scheduled HA rollover will begin this coming Sunday, March 8, at 3:00 AM ET.  At that time, CU*BASE core-processing will be redirected from our primary production data center to systems at our high-availability (HA) data center.  We will continue providing… Read more »

Mar 2, 2020

A Note from CU*Answers Regarding Our Large-Scale Pandemic Plan

A Note from CU*Answers Regarding Our Large-Scale Pandemic Plan

With media escalating awareness of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, several credit unions have reached out to CU*Answers asking about our large-scale pandemic plans. Our team would like to share our response with the CU*BASE credit union network. Planning and preparing for disruptive events, whether the result of a natural, man-made, or technology incident, is the… Read more »

Apr 20, 2020