Asset Management, Monitoring and Reporting

You invested in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security and reliability. CU*Answers Network Services’ services not only ensures you have a qualified team ready to service this critical asset but also the real time data to ensure it’s being done on time, when needed, using the most advanced network asset tracking and performance monitoring.

Security Assurancesecurity computer screen

Reduced Risk

  • Baseline security scanning to detect security holes.
  • Continuous monitoring for viruses, worms, spam ware, and other malware.
  • Automated verification of data backup completion and identification of any failed backups.

Preventative Maintenancemaintenance computer screen

  • Automated delivery of two preventative services.
  • Up-to-date security patches for your desktops and servers and identification of failed or missing patches.
  • Comprehensive server health reports for all servers.

Package Offer

These services are included at no extra charge for all server management agreements.

  • monitoring computer screenContinuous Monitoring 24/7
  • Asset Management
  • Security Assurance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Weekly and On-Demand Reports
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

Asset Management

asset management computer screenValuable Asset-based Control

  • Complete summary of hardware and software.
  • Comprehensive detail of all hardware and software asset inventories.
  • Up-to-date warranty status information.
  • Identification of unauthorized software.

Annual Business Review

Our network service program includes an Annual Business Review with your organization.

planning documents

Prior to each Annual Business Review, CU*Answers Network Services audits all alerts and reports generated over the preceding year and prepare a comprehensive analysis of our findings as well as demonstrate areas of cost savings, increased performance, any security vulnerabilities and over all health assessment of your network.

These meetings are designed to help ensure that we:

  • Are aligned with your IT business goals and address any changes as they occur.
  • Present all the reports we have captured over the past quarter – ensuring you understand its overall impact to your business.

Our ABR summary and reports include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Website Monitoring
  • Windows Server Health
  • Work Completed Summary
  • Site Performance
  • Patch Status Detail
  • Site Health
  • Server Health
  • MBSA and Patch Summary
  • Asset Inventory
  • Device Performance
  • Site Performance
  • Website Performance

We review and update you on all the work completed in the last quarter and discuss project(s) in progress. CU*Answers Network Services will help identify IT solutions that address existing and future IT requirements allowing you to ultimately make informed financial decisions.

  • By analyzing network device alerts, pre-failure indicators, performance benchmarks and security issues, preventative maintenance opportunities are identified.
  • Includes all systems, network devices, as well as website performance.
  • Weekly reports provided and reviewed by CU*Answers Network Services.
  • Free report analysis and audit assistance.
  • Centralized monitoring network housed in our state-of-the-art data centers.

example executive summary24/7 Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting

Our proactive monitoring and alerting identifies, tracks and reports on issues effecting the security, performance and reliability of your IT.

example central dashboard
June 19, 2018

CU*Answers Network Services seeing dividends from paid internship program

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Sep 9, 2020

CU*Answers improving its mobile app member authentication infrastructure

CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce that significant upgrades are underway on its MACO infrastructure. Multiple Authentication Convenience Options (MACO) provides members with the ability to access the credit union’s mobile app using username/password, facial recognition, PIN, fingerprint, and voice. The new infrastructure will provide an immediate boost in processing capacity and set […]

Aug 28, 2020

CU*Answers completes IBM system upgrades across network

CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based core data processor, recently completed all 2020 scheduled IBM Power i hardware and software upgrades across all partner and client self-processing networks. Upgrades included installing nine new machines and upgrading to IBM’s v7.3 operating system across the network. The work represents hundreds of hours of planning and execution and will position […]

Aug 17, 2020

Have a question for CU*Answers? Who do you call?

Have a question for CU*Answers?  Who do you call?

At CU*Answers, we know how important it is that your Credit Union gets the appropriate help in order to meet your day-to-day data processing needs.  When you don’t know exactly who to call, we recommend that you get started by reaching out to either the Client Services and Education Team or the Network Services Team…. Read more »

Jul 15, 2020

AdvantageCIO introduces new managed vulnerability service

AdvantageCIO, the strategic technology consulting division of CU*Answers, recently announced a new bundled offering: Managed Vulnerability Services. “We’ve had a lot of credit union client requests for help with more frequent internal and external vulnerability testing and reporting,” said Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “Along with that we’re also getting requests to help […]

Jun 4, 2020

CU*Answers Network Services rolls annual tune up service into Complete Care

CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) recently announced that starting in June 2020, it is offering an annual tune up to all Complete Care clients. The tune up reviews a client’s managed environment against ever evolving best practices and then engages senior technical resources to review with the client and make adjustments to improve security posture, performance […]

Jun 4, 2020

Solutions from CU*Answers Network Services: Complete Care Essentials

Solutions from CU*Answers Network Services: Complete Care Essentials

Complete Care Essentials from CU*Answers Network Services presents a great way to move tech from your offices to our secure hosting facilities!  Your staff can work flexibly and securely from anywhere, with access to cloud-based email. Complete Care Essentials features: A CNS private cloud hosted with Microsoft Active Directory, File, and Print server Workstation and… Read more »

Jun 2, 2020