The 2024 Cooperative Campaigns are Here!

We have been hard at work making updates to the Cooperative Campaigns for 2024, and we are finally ready to share them with you!  You can find them online now by going to the CU*Answers Marketing Store

Place your order TODAY!

  • Automatic Updates – Each month, your CU*Answers Mobile App and It’s Me 247 banners are automatically uploaded (if applicable).
  • Website Banner – If you do not have someone to update your website banners, please send a request to
  • MAP/MOP Banners – If you would like banners placed on your Membership Opening or Application pages, please send a request to
  • Other Materials – We also highly recommend utilizing the other provided materials, such as Facebook banners.  These are quick and easy ways to get your members’ attention!

All other files will be available for you to download. All other updates and posting of these materials through CU*Answers will have separate charges based on the service.