ProDOC Upgrade coming on 6/20

ProDOC Upgrade coming on 6/20

On the morning of 6/20/17, ProDOC will be released to CU*Spy Images clients utilizing eDOCSignature for eSigning.  This update addresses the previously discovered problem of eSign documents failing to complete. When your staff launches ProDOC, they will be prompted to upgrade.  Clicking ‘Yes’ will start the upgrade, then restart ProDOC when it’s complete.  If… Read more »

Jun 19, 2017

August 3 Upgrade Successful

ATTENTION ONLINE AND SELF-PROCESSING CREDIT UNIONS: The major network upgrade that was scheduled for yesterday, August 3, has been successfully completed. This upgrade, which took place at our 44th Street Production Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, represents a significant investment in our network infrastructure and in our ability to reliably serve your members for years… Read more »

Aug 4, 2014