New Products from Payrailz

Payrailz is the latest bill pay provider we are looking to bring into the network. Payrailz was built around the central mission of making the payments experience smarter and more engaging. They offer financial institutions a smarter payment solution with a “do it for you” approach that keeps users well informed and in control.

Payrailz P2P

This first project develops CU*BASE’s support for Payrailz P2P, including the ability to send a person to person payment in online banking and mobile. Payrailz P2P works off of the goods fund model and it supports one-time, future-dated, and recurring payments.

Our tools will allow for multiple delivery options for the recipient to choose from, including:

  • Next day ACH (ACH rail)
  • Real-time (debit card rail)

Currently we’re working on new configurations in CU*BASE to allow CUs to activate the platform. Remember that while you can support multiple P2P products for your members, only one of them can be activated for new enrollments. For example, you could keep your existing P2P relationship for existing enrollees and switch to Payrailz P2P for all new enrollments.

Status as of December 2023: Project #60417 testing is nearly complete and we’re working on developing a beta-test and implementation timeline. We are also still working on project#61330 which creates the monthly billing file we would need in order to charge fees to members. 

Payrailz A2A

Still in the very early design stages, the Payrailz A2A service will allow your members to originate A2A transaction via online and mobile banking, with features such as:

  • Real-time payments via debit card rails
  • Member-initiated with small $ deposit verifications
  • Transfer money or make payments from external accounts
  • Recurring transfers

The first stage will be to create a new configuration infrastructure (project #59139 is currently waiting for available programming resources). We’re now focused on understanding how transactions process and launching the necessary projects for adding this to our online banking platforms.  We are also studying how the new activity will be received and how we can provide A2A information in CU*BASE dashboards.

Status as of December 2023: Project #59139 is currently in QC testing. 

Payrailz Bill Pay

Payrailz is a Jack Henry digital platform. JHA is working on understanding the design going forward between iPay (also a JHA product) and Payrailz. We won’t begin our design work on the bill pay platform portion until they finalize that process on their side.


Chefs for this recipe:  Nicole Cooper and Heather French

December 8, 2023

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