Online Forms: Introducing the “It’s Me 247” Request Center

We often receive Idea Form submissions regarding various requests that credit unions want members to be able to submit online, from direct deposit change requests to address change notifications.  Even in the lending arena, although It’s Me 247 does have its own integrated online loan app, CUs are looking for customized options and a more personal touch for their member apps.

In 2018 CU*Answers launched a new product called the It’s Me 247 Request Center.  It’s a web-based solution where credit unions can design their own custom forms and applications, then set up custom links to them using the online banking Launch Points feature (visit the Internet Retailer Support Center for more details on the Launch Points navigation tool).

For now the data for the forms will not be integrated directly into CU*BASE.  Data entered by the member goes to a new area we’re calling a “DMZ” which means it’s independent of our current database.  CU staff work the requests from there – either simply fulfilling the member’s request, or re-keying information as appropriate into CU*BASE.

The end game is for us to use this as an incubator for forms and applications that are effective for credit unions, learning about what might be good integration projects we should tackle in the future.

The original catalyst for the idea was the age-old debate about what should be on our shared loan application – if you ask 100 credit unions, you get 100 different opinions!  So rather than throw darts at a board, we instead want to create an environment where CUs can design forms with whatever nuances are important to them.  Over time, then, better ideas about what a shared solution should be can start to emerge.  As the vision becomes clearer, we’ll know better what we should consider integrating into our existing solutions more directly.

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Chefs for this recipe:  David Damstra and Ken Vaughn

November 29, 2023

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