Native Receipts for Xpress Teller

With the Native Receipts project, our Imaging Solutions developers are creating a new, lightweight receipt processing application to  generate and archive receipts. Starting with Xpress Teller, and eventually moving into all receipt channels, this new API-based architecture will allow tellers to view, sign, print, and archive receipts, replacing all of the functionality currently performed by ProDOC for receipts. At its core is a comprehensive new receipts database where the data that comprises a receipt will be stored in CU*BASE and used to construct the receipt for printing and archiving.

Status: Projects were implemented with the 22.10 release and are currently in “active beta” at a number of credit unions.  Join the active beta group today!   Project #60664 has been submitted to add native receipt functionality to all other receipt printing channels, beyond Xpress Teller. Project is currently waiting assignment to a programmer.


  • One of the key benefits of this new architecture is that it will eliminate the need for receipt print sessions on the teller workstation.
  • This solution will become part of the core – instead of a print session tossing the receipt over the fence to a third-party imaging system, we’ll be using data directly from CU*BASE to construct and archive the receipt using our own solution. We’ll write it, we’ll own it, and we can innovate on it.
  • Because of the new database structure, we’ll be able to include the account balance summary even on reprinted receipts, to match the point in time when the receipt was originally generated. (Currently we hide the balance summary section altogether on a reprint, unless printing from an archived image.)
  • Improved data flow, enhanced options for indexing, and an infrastructure that will allow us to add features and adapt to new technologies in the future.


  • Modernized look and feel
  • Optionally present a signature box only if the receipt requires a signature
  • Optionally send receipts to member storage (learn more about Virtual StrongBox)

Workflow Controls

New Xpress Teller workflow controls will give credit unions more options for how receipts are produced. When this new process eventually makes its way into other receipt channels, such as the CU*BASE standard soup-to-nuts teller system and elsewhere, we’ll also add new controls for those channels.

Remember that Xpress Teller is unique in that its controls are intended to reduce as much as possible the need for tellers to make decisions about when and what to do. For example, rather than provide a “suppress balances on receipt?” checkbox and make the teller decide when to click it, the controls will let you specify when balances should be included based on who is being served, including new controls for when serving a joint owner or non-owner. There will also be an optional control for when a signature should be captured, based on whether or not the transaction includes a withdrawal.


Q: Will this replace ProDOC completely on my workstations?

A: No, at least not right away, since ProDOC is still used for all other forms and documents. And it will be an optional feature in any case, so a CU can choose which method they prefer.

Q: Why spend any energy on receipts when fewer members even get them, or want them?

A: While receipt use might seem to be on the wane (and even that might only be a perception), receipts aren’t going to disappear overnight. We always have to keep our eye on the future – will the structure we have in place now carry us into the future, or hamper our ability to get there?

We believe this new infrastructure will set the stage for some significant innovations in our imaging capabilities, well beyond receipts. Receipts just happen to be a very good place to start. What we learn will allow us to build new tools for generating and archiving forms, images, and other documents in new ways, taking advantage of new technologies as they come along.  In other words, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Q: Will native receipts produce both the vertical receipt format as well as the old horizontal format?

A: No. We are building the new infrastructure to support only the new vertical receipts. Haven’t switched to vertical receipts yet? Visit the store and get on board!


Your chefs for this recipe are Kyle Karnes and Dawn Moore.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!

November 29, 2023

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