Vendor Interfaces We’re Working On

Vendor Interfaces We’re Working On

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This page will be used to list some of the more noteworthy interfaces we are working on via the Developer’s Help Desk.  This is not an exhaustive list, and projects are constantly being added, cancelled, and changed, so stay tuned!  And if you don’t see the vendor or product you’re interested in, remember to search in the Store – we might already have something ready you can buy today!

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Vendor Description Project # / CU Champion
Auto Financial Group (AFG) Integration with CU*BASE LOS for residual-based (balloon loan) vehicle financing. Order today in the store!
Ascensus See separate recipe
Capital Tax File export/import process to update property tax data in CU*BASE escrow records. #61511 / Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions (NMS)
CO-OP Call Center Call center integration into CU*BASE, including member search, balance and history inquiries, payments and transfers. #58373 / RVA Financial
Copper Wealth Management SSO link from It’s Me 247 online banking. #61220 / Union Pacific – Streamliner (CU*South)
DigitalFI / TalkDesk Allows the TalkDesk call center application to pull data from CU*BASE to allow member to make account and balance inquiries, hear transaction history, and perform transfers. #60850 / Northern Hills FCU
FedNow® See separate recipe
Glia Link from online banking and the mobile app for authenticated web chat and co-browsing (screen share) capabilities. #59925 & #60345 / Illinois Community CU

Learn more in the store

InvestiFi (formerly CryptoFi) See separate recipe
Magic-Wrighter ACH Direct SSO from BizLink 247 business online banking for ACH origination. Get it in the store!
MasterCard/Finicity Integration to online banking to replace current screen-scrape aggregation technique; will work similarly to our Plaid integration #64113
MemberPass® See separate recipe Get it in the store!
MessagePay Includes back-end communication of savings and loan information to MessagePay and transaction posting from MessagePay to CU*BASE. #58544 / Kauai FCU
#60182 / Northern Hills FCU
MI Saves Offers financing for solar loans to financial institutions based in Michigan #62045 / TBA CU
McQueen Financial Services New automation for the downloads we have traditionally done from CU*BASE to McQueen, including monthly CECL data and quarterly ALM data. Includes new CU*BASE configuration for CUs to choose the timing for the downloads. #61923
Payrailz P2P, A2A, and online bill pay solutions, including real-time payments via the debit card rails.  See separate recipe #59137, 59139, 60417, 61330, 63325, 63428
Prizeout Online banking module allows members to transfer from a CU checking account to create a digital gift card using the Prizeout digital marketplace. Includes regular member data exchange with Prizeout, online banking SSO, and back-end posting process. #61081
ProPay API integration with ProPay to query member data from CU*BASE; nightly batch file for posting payments to members #59673 / DayMet CU
QCash Allows members to get small loans in under a minute for those unfortunate “life happens” events. Includes SSO from online/mobile banking, sending transaction history to be used for making loan offers, and APIs to open loan accounts, write G/L entries and transfer funds to member accounts. #59817 & #63630 / Commodore Perry FCU
REPAY API-based solution for posting loan payments, SSO from online banking Get it in the store!
RTP® See separate recipe
Zelle® See separate recipe

New Option for Creating Files for External Parties

We recently implemented a new “unique identifier” cross-reference table. Read the May 21st announcement. We now create a table within each credit union’s CU*BASE file library that contains the membership number and a randomly-generated, unique alphanumeric identification code. This is updated during end-of-day for any new membership accounts added (or closed) during that day. CUs can elect to use this in any custom Query reports or files they create in CU*BASE, and can also request this ID be used in existing or new third-party vendor file exchanges.


June 28, 2024

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Dec 19, 2023