Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning

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Digital Card Issuance (DCI) is the latest card technology that provides virtual access to a newly issued credit or debit card, allowing the member to have immediate access to funds. Members can request a new card online at any time, day or night. No more waiting for the new card to arrive in the mail before it can be used to make purchases.

Provisioning to Digital Wallet, or “push provisioning,” refers to the ability for credit unions to “push” the newly issued card # to a mobile wallet provider, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, so it is available for immediate use by the member.

Building a platform that supports both Digital Card Issuance and Push Provisioning will enhance the full card experience for members.  The two processes together allow the member to request a new card via online banking, then start to use their new card right away via the supported mobile wallet. 

Supported Features

  • New Card Issue (create a brand-new card #)
  • Card Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged card (block the old card # and issue a new one)

Digital Card Issuance must be coordinated between the card vendor and core online banking provider. We’re starting with CO-OP, but will be building the structure as generically as possible to work with other vendors as well. We will be working vendor-by-vendor with each vendor as a separate project. It’s not clear yet exactly how much additional work will be required for each additional vendor we add.

Attacking the Project

In order to manage the development and deployment processes, we will be breaking up the development project into multiple, inter-dependent projects, tackling them in roughly this order. The first two projects cover the CU*BASE components, EFT components, and basic mobile app components, respectively, and are interdependent:

After that will come future projects to allow members to place card orders online, automated push provisioning via our mobile app and the ability to digitally issue cards as part of accepting a 1Click credit card offer.

As we get further along in the design process, more details will be posted on this Kitchen page, so stay tuned!

NOTE: We completed a lengthy study into PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification requirements, especially related to these DCI/provisioning projects. With the controls we already have in place and by using third-party vendor tools, we have determined a path forward that will allow us to proceed without the need for official certification at this time. 

Projects and Status

As of 10/13/23

Proj# Description Status/Notes
58388 Create Mechanism for DCI Card Requests via CU*BASE (configs and infrastructure) In production with 23.05 (Completed)
58485 Real-time card adds/maintenance for CO-OP In testing
59971 Real-time card adds/maintenance for PSCU Pending vendor feedback
60411 Real-time card adds/maintenance for JHA Waiting for programmer
60660 Real-time card adds/maintenance for Fiserv In development
60824 OLB Standalone Web Module to allow members to cancel CO-OP cards and be issued a new physical card that can be immediately added to digital wallets Waiting for programmer
61262 Digital Issuance – Shazam real time card add messaging and card activation In development
61492 OLB – Enhancement to the digital wallet web module to support Shazam cards Waiting for programmer
61264 Digital Issuance – MAP real time card add messaging In development
61493 OLB – Enhancement to the digital wallet web module to support PSCU Waiting for programmer

News for Co-op Clients

Since our first foray into push real-time card creation and push provisioning will be with Co-Op, we have been working with Co-Op on the requirements CUs will need to meet in order to activate this new functionality.

Requirements as of 5/24/2023:

  • AP Batch 4 certified (Connex)*
  • Certified and participating in Visa Account Updater (VAU) or Account Billing Updater (ABU)

*All CU*BASE clients have been certified or will be certified during 2023. 

More details coming soon in the Store!


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November 29, 2023

6 Responses to “Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning”

  1. Hollie Britton

    Do we also need to be signed up with our card processor to use this feature? We use COOP. They have digitization available. Do we need to complete a project with them to be able to use this with CU*A?

    • Dawn Moore

      Thanks for the question! It’s a little early to say one way or the other, as we’re still writing the design specs. I believe our first interface for this will be with CO-OP, and it’s also possible that some vendors might not support the process at all. Expect to hear a lot more about it later in the year as we get further along.

  2. Hollie Britton

    Is there a new COOP task force or group working with CU*Answers? I heard this was a thing and curious if we can participate if it is available

  3. Jenny Hoyle

    Yes, Hollie! I happened to visit this page today following a Co-op/CU*A Task Force meeting. I’ll see that you get added to the list!

  4. Jarod Bach

    A thought here. One of the most annoying parts about card replacement for any reason is updating all the recurring transactions or subscriptions (Netflix, amazon etc). I know the idea is for the member to eventually be able to self-serve and issue themselves a new card via the mobile app directly into their digital wallet. Any way to present to the user a list of recurring transactions during this process that will need updated once the new “card” is issued? Could start simple here with just a list (I believe recurring transactions are coded) so the members are reminded to go and update them with the vendors. This would be a nice feature to add into Gold as well so that contact center users could remind members about these transactions before they issue the replacement card in Gold. Dreaming here but an even better solution would be to update the information for the member…wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Dawn Moore

      It’s my understanding that the VAU/ABU (Visa® Account Updater and Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater) service was designed by Visa and Mastercard to assist with adjusting recurring payments to the new card number. When your credit union orders a card today in CU*BASE you can select if the card is being opted in or out of that service, and that determines what Visa/Mastercard does.

      As to our plans for allowing members to cancel and order a new card themselves online, we haven’t really talked yet about how to handle that process, but will add this to our discussions to see if we can either offer the option to the member, or let your CU decide whether to automatically opt them in, or some variation. Theoretically we could probably present a list of recurring payments, too, but I think this service would probably be a better solution. Either way, thanks for the idea!


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