ACH Enhancements – Dashboard for Working the PACHSU

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This project created a new tool so that credit unions can work suspense items with invalid account numbers in the ACH warehouse before they are posted for the first time, without having to print a hard copy of the PACHSU report to get the appropriate information needed to make the corrections.

Previously CUs had to rely on a printed report, either the one produced automatically when ACH items are received, or printed on demand via Tool #672 Print ACH Suspense File Report (PACHSU). The report can contain both NSF items as well as other errors such as invalid account numbers, although the on-demand report can be printed without NSFs.

This project created a new dashboard that takes data from the ACHSUS table, runs it through the same routines as currently happen when the PACHSU report is run, then displays all records with an invalid account base on a screen similar to the one used to work ACH exceptions after posting. This allows the user to adjust master distribution records prior to the effective posting date, so that items will be able to process normally when they are eventually posted.

Status as of May 2023:  Project #58337 was implemented in the 23.05 release! 


Your chefs for this recipe:  Keegan Daniel, and Dawn Moore

November 29, 2023

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