MemberPass® Integration for CU*BASE Phone Op and Teller

This project builds an interface between CU*BASE and MemberPass® (powered by Bonifii). It’s intended to be a simple way to authenticate a member both in-branch and via the call center, using a message sent to the member’s mobile phone.

What MSRs will see in CU*BASE

When a member calls or visits the CU, the MSR will click a new “Authenticate Me” button from any of the PITT (Phone, Inquiry, Teller, Transfer) screens in CU*BASE, or from the Xpress Teller ID Verification screen or the Secondary Names inquiry.

This link will launch a browser window, sending information about the credit union, the member account, and the person being served to a new website. Assuming your CU’s been activated for the MemberPass service, that website will check to see if the member has already enrolled for MemberPass. If not, enrollment options will be displayed. If the member is already enrolled, the site will activate the authentication process, which sends a message to the member’s phone.

The member acknowledges by clicking and the MSR receives a message stating the member has been authenticated.


  • The first time a member uses MemberPass they will need to enroll, which logs a device by entering a phone number and attaching it to their account within MemberPass. This means the MSR will need to verify the member’s identity carefully through other means.
  • Additional devices can be enrolled for the same account, such as for joint owners, or if the member has more than one mobile phone number.

Status as of March 2024:  Coding and preliminary testing is complete and the infrastructure was implemented with the 23.12 release. Beta-testing is in process with selected CUs.  Rollout will involve activating CUs with MemberPass after those changes go in. Watch the store for more news coming soon!

NOTE: Once this CU*BASE integration is up and running, we will also be adding MemberPass as an option for logging in to It’s Me 247 online banking.  Refer to the separate recipe for more information.

Chefs for this recipe: Dawn Moore and Kyle Karnes

March 1, 2024

2 Responses to “MemberPass® Integration for CU*BASE Phone Op and Teller”

  1. Jenny Hoyle

    Excited about the possibilities with this. Definitely interested in pricing and learning more.


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