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This recipe is where you can find the latest news about miscellaneous projects in the queue related to CU*BASE ATM, debit, and credit card tools.

Digital Card Issuance (DCI) and Push Provisioning in the Mobile App

Refer to the separate Kitchen recipe for news about this multi-project initiative!

Allow Dual Emboss for Individuals

This project opens up dual embossing for individual (MI) membership types.  Today we only allow dual emboss for memberships that have the MO (organization) membership type.  With this change, organizational accounts with the MI (individual) membership type can have two names embossed on the card, the organization/DBA name first and a person’s name second.

This project also adds a configuration flag to the BIN configuration so that on ATM/debit card orders the “order card” flag can default to unchecked.  This has been requested by numerous credit unions due to debit cards being generated via instant issue.

Status as of June 2024: Project #59900 is currently waiting for available QC testing resources.

Tool to Temporarily Raise a Member’s Debit Card Limit

This project creates a new tool that will allow your credit union to temporarily raise a member’s debit card daily limits. This might be because a member is planning on making a larger-than-normal purchase over the weekend and asks for a temporary increase of their PIN and/or SIG limits, or is going on vacation, or some other special need. Now you’ll be able to enter an additional amount to be added to the regular limit, with an expiration date to specify when the old limit should be restored. This reduces the risk of a credit union employee forgetting to change the limit back later and thus opening the door to potential fraud.

 Status: Project #57753 was implemented in the 23.05 release

Credit Card Cash Back (CCCB) Expense Estimator

This project creates a new tool to allow you to estimate payout amounts for your CCCB programs by loan category, without posting any actual rewards to member accounts.  Similar to an “audit” run of a posting program, this will help ensure you’ve set up your programs properly,  help you track projected expenses, and allow you to forecast what your program expenses might be when changing reward settings, by running new calculation options against a previous period. Instead of producing a report, this tool will display calculated results in a dashboard format for analysis.

Status:  Project #56039 was implemented in the 23.05 release

Separate Address for Card Orders

This project adds a new separate address for credit/debit card orders that gets captured and stored at the time of the card order.  The address is pulled from either the primary memberships record or the alternative address table depending on which address is in effect at the time of the card order.  The address then gets displayed on the credit and debit card order screens but can be changed.  This will allow you to send card orders to a different address than what is on file for the member.  The card order address is only used during card activation and gets stored with the card order (no changes are written back to the member’s master/alternate address files).

 Status:  Project #58075 was implemented in the 23.10 release

Tool to Force-post Credit Card Debit Exceptions

This project creates a new tool, similar to the Account Adjustment tool, that can be used to force-post debit transactions to credit card loans. This would be used for exception situations such as when the credit card loan is frozen or the transaction exceeds the loan’s disbursement limit. This will be less risky than the current method which requires you to manually adjust the limit, post the transaction via an account adjustment, then remember to change the limit back. This new tool will automatically apply the appropriate overrides so that the transaction can post. Special thanks to Diversified Members Credit Union for submitting an Idea Form to suggest this enhancement!

Status:  Project #56725 was implemented in the 24.05 release.


Your chef for this recipe:  Heather French and Dawn Moore

June 11, 2024

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