Ascensus Integration


This project is to create a new API integration between CU*BASE teller tools to the Ascensus IRAdirect express™ web-based solution. This will be an optional, paid-for solution by credit unions who use Ascensus services for IRA reporting, tracking, and compliance tasks.

Status as of February 2024: The infrastructure for project#56230 was implemented in the 23.10 release. Beta-testing is being arranged now, and we’re coordinating with Ascensus, who has their own onboarding process the CU will need to follow. The process is taking longer than expected but we’re still powering through! Pricing and sign-up information is now available in the Store

The overall goal of this integration is to reduce dual entry for credit union employees. Currently when an employee opens a new account or posts certain member transactions in CU*BASE they must also enter them manually into the Ascensus IRAdirect site in order to complete related paperwork/forms. This project will pass data entered in CU*BASE over to the Ascensus wizard to eliminate manual rekeying.

The new interface is only needed in situations where a CU employee is actively handling a transaction and needs to generate special paperwork for the member to sign. The interface will not be triggered by any batch process (ACH, AFT, etc.) nor member-posted transactions (online banking, ARU, etc.)

Separate processes will be developed for new accounts, deposits, and withdrawals, since the data required is different.

View the slides from the 2023 Leadership Conference, held in Grand Rapids on June 20, 2023.

Project Scope

Features Included

  • Account applications (acct opening) done via
    • CU*BASE IRA Savings and IRA Certificate Account Creation (Tool #3)
    • CU*BASE HSA Savings/Checking and HSA Certificate Account Creation (Tool #3)
  • Contribution (deposit) and distribution (withdrawal) transactions posted via
    • CU*BASE Standard Teller (Tool #1) and Xpress Teller (Tool #1600) posting platforms

Features Not Included

  • Member Transfers posted via the standalone tool or Phone Operator
  • Batch (non-interactive) transaction processes, such as ACH, AFT, etc.
  • Transaction reversals or account adjustments
  • Member-initiated self-service transaction processes, including online banking and audio response
  • New accounts opened by the member via online banking

Other Caveats

  • There will be no back and forth communication between CU*BASE and Ascensus beyond the initial push of data from the transaction just posted (or account just created) to the Ascensus wizard. Behind the scenes CU*BASE will have already returned to the starting point of whatever process the teller was doing, so that’s where the teller would end up once they exit the Ascensus wizard.
  • Withdrawals that require withholding cannot be handled via this route at this time. When posting the withdrawal, the teller would bypass the link to Ascensus and proceed to post all withholding transactions the normal way, then log in to IRAdirect to enter both the withdrawal and withholding manually.
  • Not all IRA/HSA post codes are supposed by Ascensus; the system will not trigger the interface for any unsupported codes.
  • New IRA/HSA savings accounts will be sent to Ascensus as an “application” (new account); there will be no verification as to whether there’s already an account under that plan for that member so the teller will need to follow any error instructions on the IRAdirect site.
  • New IRA/HSA certificate accounts will be sent to Ascensus as a deposit transaction on an existing IRA/HSA plan, not as a new account.
  • If multiple transactions are posted with IRA/HSA post codes during the same transaction (such as if the member was depositing $100 into three different IRA savings suffixes, regardless of plan type), we will only send one of those transactions to Ascensus (the one with the lowest-numbered account suffix). Therefore we recommend each of those be handled as a separate posting transaction in CU*BASE teller processing, jumping out to Ascensus separately for each one.
  • Batch processes already in place for sending data (twice a year, April and December, for 1099 and 5498 reporting) to Ascensus will be unchanged.
  • This will be a paid-for service that a CU must request to be activated. Activation will require steps on the CU*BASE side as well as onboarding steps with Ascensus representatives.

General Workflow

From Teller Posting

From Teller Posting
NOTE: Samples above show IRAs only, but similar changes will be made to the flow for posting transactions on HSA accounts.

From Opening a New IRA Savings or Certificate Account

From Opening a New IRA Savings or Certificate Account
NOTE: Samples above show IRAs only, but similar changes will be made to the flow for opening HSA savings and certificate accounts, as well as when opening an HSA checking account.


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