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This recipe is where you’ll find news about major initiatives being planned by the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions team.

“Request a Document” Buttons on Loan App Screens

This project adds a new function to CU*BASE screens to allow a credit union employee to send a message to a member, asking them to upload a document or image to the archive server using existing eDOC functionality.

In this first project we’ll add these buttons to loan application screens so that things such as a proof of insurance or photo ID can be requested via CU*BASE during the loan application workflow.  Today, the loan representative working the request must leave CU*BASE and open the eDOCSignature website to request the documents.

In addition, “View a Document” and “Scan a Document” links that are already available on other CU*BASE screens will be added to these same loan application screens.

 Status: Project #58314 was implemented in the 23.05 release.

Next up: Version 2.0 will include adding a Request a Document button to the CU*BASE Time-out window, which is available from any screen in CU*BASE, so that an employee can easily request any document from any member, for any reason, at any time.

Status as of June 2024: Project #62475 is currently in QC testing.


Introduced with great fanfare at the 2023 Leadership Conference, CU*Forms makes creating general membership forms and getting them e-signed easier than ever before.

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Next up (status updates as of June 11, 2024):

  • We’re going to add additional access points for CU*Forms. Project #62102 adds a new configuration flag and functionality to the membership and account opening process in CU*BASE so that CUs can use CU*Forms in place of CU*BASE Misc. Membership Account Forms when producing TIS disclosures, signature cards and other forms for new memberships and sub-accounts as they are created in CU*BASE. This project was implemented with the 24.05 release.
  • We’re already working with our lending teams about expanding to allow for loan forms to be mapped with CU*BASE fields.
  • Project #62538 adds support for exporting these custom forms in a format compatible with our 1-Click Loan Offers functionality. This project is currently in development.
  • Preliminary research and prototypes have been completed for supporting a new application for delivering packages of forms. Project #62491 will create a foundation for setting up forms workflows, allowing credit union administrators to define a flow checklist and auditor assigned to each checklist item. This project was implemented with the 24.05 release.
  • Project #62408 will add some misc. enhancements to the CU*Forms tools already in production, including ability to download the PDF for a template on the edit page, add/remove roles on the form preview page, look up suffixes for an account, set a role as required, re-order indexes in template settings, set a signature as required for in-branch signing, and export templates for use with 1-Click offers. This project has been implemented.

Native Receipts

See the related Kitchen recipe for news about this exciting initiative.

Teller Integrations

See the related Kitchen recipe for news about our integrations to hybrid ATMs, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), and kiosk-type equipment.


Your chefs for these recipes:  Kyle Karnes and John Beauchamp


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June 11, 2024

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Check Out the New Recipes We’re Cooking in the Kitchen!

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Dec 19, 2023