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Back in 2018, the NCUA proposed major changes to the 5300 Call Report with the effective date yet to be determined (original NCUA target was March 2019).  It had been silent until December 2021 when the NCUA published revised changes to be effective with the March 2022 cycle.  Yikes!  Not a lot of time to prepare!  The overall theme of the re-vamp is modernization and simplifying in order to reduce the reporting burden for credit unions.

Refer to the NCUA’s dedicated webpage for details of the updated Call Report, Profile and Instructions.

Highlight of March 2022 Changes

With the NCUA changes, the majority of the Call Report sections are still intact but require less data. Account codes are added/deleted/replaced and some areas are re-organized for better alignment of related information.

Here is a highlight of the changes:

  • Time deposits now included with cash assets (pg. 1)
  • Investments sections revamped and moved to Schedule B (pgs. 13-16)
  • Revised categories of Foreclosed and Repossessed Assets (pg. 2)
  • Shares/Deposits information moved to Schedule D (pg. 19) and dividend rates no longer required
  • NCUA Insured Savings Computation section simplified and moved to pg. 19
  • Delinquent loan range of 60-179 days separated out to 60-89 days and 90-179 days (pg. 7)
  • No longer required to report # of delinquent loans by day range, only report total # of delinquent loans 60+ days
  • Additional Delinquency Information page removed
  • Loan Charge Offs and Recoveries page streamlined with new commercial loan categories added (pg. 8)
  • Miscellaneous Information page removed with some account codes moved to Schedule E
  • Troubled Debt Restructured Loans section removed – only need to report total # and amount of TDRs on pg. 8
  • New categories of Indirect Loans and Participation Loans (pg. 10)
  • Lending related data collected in Schedule A simplified but many account codes replaced (pg. 11)
  • Contingent Liabilities and Off Balance Sheet Exposures sections revamped and moved to Schedule C (pgs. 17-18)
  • Complex Credit Union Leverage Ratio Schedule H added (pg. 23)
  • Risk Based Capital Schedule I added (pgs. 24-28)

Impact to CU*BASE Tools

With the NCUA changes, the number of the account codes on the Call Report is reduced by approximately 20%.  The main task for CU*Answers was to update our template of account codes to match the NCUA. Our dedicated Call Report resource completed these updates and tested the import of Call Report data to the NCUA site.

In addition, we performed a comprehensive review of CU*BASE reports/dashboards used to gather Call Report information.  PS#58205 is in process to break out the 60-89 and 90-179 day ranges on the Loan Delinquency Analysis report (accessed via Tool #461 or Tool #788).  In addition, specifications are in process to update Tool #229 “Collections Dashboard/Summary” with the NCUA’s updated delinquency day ranges.  As always, we welcome any suggestions for CU*BASE report/dashboard enhancements that will make it easier for you to obtain Call Report data!

Documentation and online help for the 5300 Call Report has been updated including the CU 5300 Call Report and CU*BASE Tools booklet.   The account code level help with descriptions of each account code and tips for obtaining Call Report data from CU*BASE has also been updated.

One of the NCUA edits (i.e., assets=liabilities) currently in the CU*BASE tool is still valid.  These edit messages display when creating the import file for upload to the NCUA.  As we disclosed in the 1st Quarter Status Update, the other existing edits are no longer valid and can be ignored.  We are in the process of reviewing the NCUA’s current listing of errors and warnings and will add new edit messages as appropriate.

It looks like many of the account codes used for the calculations on the 5300 Call Report Ratios Dashboard will still be valid, however we are keeping an eye out for the updated FPR from the NCUA and will update ratio calculations as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the NCUA Schedule H (CCULR) and Schedule I (RBC) are not included in the CU*BASE tool at this time.

For detailed information on CU*BASE 5300 Call Report tools, refer to the booklet.     

Project statuses as of 5/4/22:

1) PS#58205 Update Loan Delinquency Analysis Report to break out 60-179 days range: In process 

2) PS#58229 Remove edit messages that are no longer valid: Project submitted

3) PS#58341 5300 Call Report ratio calculation updates: Specifications submitted

4) PS#58752 Update format of loan rates in the import file: Project submitted  

For detailed information on CU*BASE 5300 Call Report tools, refer to the booklet.           

March 20th 2019 Webinar

This webinar highlights the original changes proposed by the NCUA back in 2018. webinar

We are always looking for ideas on how to improve the 5300 software. Contact callreport@cuanswers.com with any suggestions!

Need help completing your 5300 Call Report? Contact SRS Bookkeeping Services at 616-285-5711 ext. 277.

The chef for this recipe is Karen Sorensen.


Have thoughts or ideas about these changes? We’d love to hear your feedback. Use the Comment Section below.

May 4, 2022


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