CU*BASE Reference

This section lists topical reference booklets, each covering a specific area of the CU*BASE system. In addition to the information that’s in our online help, these documents are another great way to get up to speed on a new CU*BASE tool or application.

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Letter Updated Title Publication Date Pages
A Abnormal Activity Monitoring10/16/201532
A Account-to-Account (A2A) Transfers09/09/201546
A Accrual Verification Handbook02/03/201412
A Adjusting for 90 Day Delinquency02/03/20149
A ALM Downloads10/13/201443
A Asset Verification Service Agreement - Wisconsin06/07/201111
A Associated Applications08/18/201516
A ATM/Debit User Guide10/16/201554
A ATM Surcharge Rebates02/03/20149
A Auditing Employee Access to CU*BASE Tools / Data Center Employee Security07/30/201517
A Audit Tracker
Track Member Activity Related to Compliance
A Automated Funds Transfer/Check Funds Transfer10/13/201430
A Automated Non-Returns10/16/201548
A Automated Reports and Queries10/16/201522
A Auto Security02/03/20144
A Using the Answer Book02/03/20144
A Working With AIRES and CU*BASE02/03/201420
B Balancing Act of Managing Your Cash Inventory02/03/20147
B Balancing Made Easy07/30/201555
B Bankruptcy Tools07/30/20154
B Bank Secrecy Act Monitoring Tools12/18/201437
B Budgeting with CU*BASE
WORKING DRAFT: Contains software changes coming in the 15.2 release as well as a sneak peek at modeling tools coming in December 2015.
B New Branch Form08/06/20151
B Online Ballots08/31/201525
B Using the Member Branch Reassignment Tool02/03/20146
C 5300 Call Report and CU*BASE Tools booklet10/16/201553
C 5300 Call Report Brochure10/17/20145
C 5300 Call Report Upload Steps10/16/20155
C Bump Certificates06/16/201515
C CASS Certification Procedures02/03/201416
C Certificate Forms02/03/20149
C Certificate Variable Rates02/03/20147
C CheckViewer: Accessing Checks 02/03/20144
C Client Support Information
(CSR Help Desk)
C Club Account Processing02/03/201420
C Collateral: Tools for Tracking Property Securing Loans10/17/201420
C Communication with Members02/05/20148
C Concentration Risk Analysis (brochure)02/03/20144
C Configuring Tools for Collections10/23/201535
C Converting Your Back Office02/03/20148
C COOP Shared Branching: CUSC/FSCC Acquirer10/16/201535
C CPI Force-Placed Insurance02/03/201413
C Credit Cards: Configuration Guide07/30/201570
C Credit Cards: User Guide07/30/2015127
C Credit Scores in Online Banking07/20/201514
C Cross-Selling and Next Suggested Product10/16/201535
C CTR Automated Uploads to FINCEN02/21/20142
C CU*BASE Calculations for Insurance and Debt Protection10/25/20134
C CU*CD User Guide: Viewing Reports and Statements on CD-ROM08/04/201514
C CU*SPY E-Statements and Online Reports12/07/20104
C CU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form
FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY. This document is in Rich Text Format (RTF) to be filled out by a word processing program such as MS Word.
C CU*TALK Audio Response: Introductory/Startup Guide07/30/201518
C CU*TALK Change Request: Configuration
For CUs that do NOT use the text-to-speech (TTS) engine. This document is in Rich Text Format (RTF) to be filled out by a word processing program such as MS Word.
C CU*TALK Change Request: Rate Messages
For CUs that do NOT use the text-to-speech (TTS) engine. This document is in Rich Text Format (RTF) to be filled out by a word processing program such as MS Word.
C How to Tracker from Cross Sales07/30/20155
C Online Credit Bureau Access: 247 Lender Setup Form08/07/20061
CUpdated  Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (1): Introductory/Startup Guide11/10/201521
C Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (2): Configuring 247 Lender and the Approval Matrix06/11/201425
CUpdated  Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (3): User Guide11/03/201556
C Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (4): Understanding the Portfolio Defense SAVANT Credit Scoring Model12/20/20067
C Online Credit Bureau Access Setup Form01/19/20151
C Principal Distributions Certificates02/03/201411
D CU*BASE Leadership Dashboards08/04/20155
D CU*BASE Management Dashboards brochure08/04/20158
D Data Archival Options Form01/24/20143
D Database Inquiry Flyer02/03/20142
D Debit Card Round Up08/04/201514
D Defense MD: Backup Tape Encryption for Self Processors02/03/201419
D Direct Mail Post: Importing Transaction Files and Posting Them Via Direct Mail08/17/201513
D Dividend Donations: Starting a Program for Your Members02/03/20147
D Documentation: Tricks of the Trade
Refer to the Documentation Tricks of the Trade page
Not Available0
D Dormancy and Escheat Monitoring10/06/201433
D Downloading Financial Statements to Excel02/03/20149
D Miscellaneous/Member Services Denial Notices02/03/201411
D My Favorite Dashboards and Reports and CU*SPY Daily Reports
Documentation on many CU*BASE dashboards and reports and the Daily CU*SPY reports.
Not Available0
E E-Alerts08/17/201520
E e-Documents: Electronic Documents Strategies and Solutions
Refer to the Special Interest Publications Page.
Not Available0
E e-Documents: Electronic Photo ID Capture User Guide (booklet)08/04/201522
E e-Documents: Electronic Receipts User Guide (booklet)12/30/201432
E e-Documents: idocVault Administration Guide12/30/201412
E e-Documents: Printing Electronic Loan Forms02/03/201413
E e-Documents: Quick Reference Guide02/03/20142
E E-Statements (for On-Line Credit Unions)06/10/20114
E E-Statements (for Self-Processing Credit Unions)06/10/20114
E E-Statements - New Look04/17/20124
E EasyPay Brochure and Comparison
Refer to 'I' for 'It's Me 247' bill pay materials
Not Available
E EasyPay powered by Fiserv Product Overview and User Guide10/16/201554
E EasyPay powered by iPay Product Overview and User Guide10/16/201543
E eDOC Solution Brochure09/14/201212
E Effective Dating for Member Transactions02/03/201427
E Electronic Deposit Holds and "Member in Good Standing "Configuration04/29/201422
E Encryption - How to Configure CU*BASE Encryption09/20/201215
E Escrow Processing with CU*BASE08/31/201557
E Getting Started with E-Statements
Configuration, Fees, and Member Enrollment
E Wrong Email Addresses - Automated Management of Wrong Email Addresses06/27/20134
F COOP Shared Branching: CUSC/FSCC Acquirer10/16/201535
F CU*BASE and the FFIEC Supplement08/05/201517
F Fee Options with CU*BASE02/03/201413
F FIDM Configuration Files (for Self Processors)
4 files in a Zip archive
F File Transfers: Downloading Data from iSeries to PC10/16/201522
F Financial Institutions Data Match (FIDM) Act: Compliance for CU*BASE Credit Unions12/03/201411
F How to Work with Member Follow-ups02/03/201410
F Member Self Service Fees02/03/201416
F Running a FinCEN 314(a) Scan Against Your CU*BASE Database08/05/201513
G Gender Generator Brochure02/03/20144
G General Ledger Balancing Tools02/03/201420
G How to Install CU*BASE GOLD05/24/201122
G Importing Transaction Files to the General Ledger08/05/201512
H Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)02/03/201427
H Household & Member Statistics02/03/201433
I CU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form
FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY. This document is in Rich Text Format (RTF) to be filled out by a word processing program such as MS Word.
I Importing a List of Prospective Member Names into the CU*BASE Pending Membership Applications Database08/05/201516
I Instant Card Issue06/05/201419
I IRA Processing04/24/201539
I It's Me 247 Configuration Change Request Form
This document is in Rich Text Format (RTF) to be filled out by a word processing program such as MS Word.
I It's My Biz 247 Business Banking04/16/201570
I It's My Biz 247 Permissions Form04/16/20153
I It’s Me 247 Bill Pay Feature Comparison 10/16/20154
I It’s Me 247 Bill Pay powered by Fiserv brochure10/16/20154
I It’s Me 247 Bill Pay powered by iPay brochure10/16/20154
I Mortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans02/03/201421
K Knowing Your Members: CU*BASE Relationship Management Tools
Note: This is a large file and my take extra time to download.
L Big-Picture Planning for Your Loan Configurations02/03/201414
L Configuring Tools for Your Loan Team10/16/201558
L Laser Printing with CU*BASE04/01/201422
L Lease Loan Tools02/03/201410
L Leaving Special Messages for Online Banking and Audio Response
(Including Personalized PC Banking Messages)
L Legacy Check Ordering02/03/20144
L Loan Interest Calculation: "360/365 Daily Interest"02/03/20143
L Loan Statement Notices02/03/201410
L Printing Electronic Loan Forms02/03/201413
M Create Shortcut (Bookmark) to Mobile Web Banking
Refer to Web Services Announcement and Flyer (For Members)
Not Available
M CU*BASE Management Dashboards brochure08/04/20158
M Marketing Campaigns with Member Connect07/30/201526
M Marketing Clubs: Configuration, Benefits and Enrollment02/03/201449
M Member Demographics02/03/20144
M Microfiche Statement Copy Request03/20/20061
M Miscellaneous Advances02/03/20149
M Miscellaneous Member Account Forms
(Including TIS Disclosures)
M Mobile Text Banking08/17/201537
M Mobile Web Banking10/16/201543
M Month-End Processing Verifications10/20/201515
M Mortgage Products: 360-Day Interest Calculation02/03/201455
M Mortgage Products: Data Capture for Mortgage Closing Forms11/07/201420
M Mortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans08/17/201522
N Member Notices: Configuring and Printing CU-Defined Notices and e-Notices08/17/201559
N NCUA Share Insurance04/16/201516
N Non-Member Teller Services02/03/201417
OUpdated  Downloading OFAC File Lists for the CU*BASE Data Match System
For Self-Processing Credit Unions
O OFAC Configuration Files (for Self Processors)
4 files in a Zip archive
O Online Banking documentation
Refer to the It's Me 247 Documentation Page
Not Available0
O Opt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering02/03/201441
O Outstanding Loan Recap - Managing your Concentration Risk02/03/20142
O Statement Onsert Brochure02/03/20144
O Tracking "Off Trial Balance" (OTB) Products with CU*BASE08/17/201557
O Using the CU*BASE Data Match System for OFAC Compliance10/16/201520
P How To Install ProDoc (CU*Answers ASP)03/06/201315
P New CU*BASE Printer Configuration Request01/20/20121
P Packaging Loans for Sale - Managing your Concentration Risk09/19/20144
P Participation Lending: Fannie Mae Secondary Market Loan Servicing04/16/2015102
P Participation Lending: FHLB Secondary Market Loan Servicing04/16/201597
P Participation Lending: Freddie Mac Secondary Market Loan Servicing04/16/201599
P Participation Lending: Standard 365 Loans and Other Loans09/08/201578
P PDF Exports02/06/20142
P PIB: Configuration/User Guide08/17/201578
P PIB Rollout Strategies08/17/201512
P Privacy Controls05/01/201516
P Promise Deposits - Electronic Check Deposits via It's Me 247 Online Banking10/17/201432
Q Qualified Dividends08/31/201528
Q QualiFile (ChexSystems) Risk Assessment Scans
View the Special Interest Page for more info.
Q Quicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Brochure/Pricing08/29/20124
Q Quicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Signup Form01/16/20131
R Downloading Data from CU*BASE to Raddon04/01/20041
R My Favorite Dashboards and Reports and CU*SPY Daily Reports
Documentation on many CU*BASE dashboards and reports and the Daily CU*SPY reports.
Not Available0
R Opt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering02/03/201441
R Posting Your Remote Deposits to CU*BASE08/17/201518
R Reissuing Cards02/03/201418
R Report Builder 02/03/20144
S Member Selected Printed Statement Styles07/09/201530
S Periodic Mortgage Statements10/16/201518
S Sales Tracker04/16/201535
S See/Jump Controls08/12/201412
S Selective Marketing through Printed Statements04/16/201524
S Selling Products Online08/18/201540
S Share Bonus Dividend/Loan Interest Rebate Programs02/03/201420
S Shared Branching02/03/201431
S Share Dividend Payment Options02/03/20149
S Skip-a-Pay for Online Credit Cards (booklet)02/03/201413
S Skip Pay for Consumer Loans10/16/201542
S Smart Messaging08/17/201513
S Standards for Social Security Numbers02/03/201416
S Standards for Social Security Numbers in New Client Conversions12/05/20075
S Statement Insert Packaging & Labeling Instructions08/19/20141
S Statement Insert Requirements04/09/20144
S Statement Mail Groups
Archiving Statements Without Printing Them
S Statement Onsert Brochure08/17/20154
S Statement Printing & Mailing Instructions02/03/20149
S Sunday Processing Request Form08/06/20151
S Tracking Savings Bond Redemption Activity with CU*BASE02/03/20147
S Using the CU*BASE Member Survey02/03/201414
T How To Install Epson Thermal Printers (Carswell) 08/03/200912
T How To Install Epson Thermal Printers (TM-T88IV USB) 08/10/200915
T Teller & Cash Activity Analysis Tools02/03/201421
T Teller Receipt Analysis (overview flyer)12/07/20104
T Teller Transaction Monitoring
Understanding CU*BASE Teller Analysis Reports
T Thermal Receipts09/01/20054
T Thermal Receipts Data Masking Option09/23/20052
T Tiered Service Levels - Implementation Guide10/16/201593
T TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)10/16/201526
T Top Enhancements of 201401/21/20154
T Using TCDs: Quick Reference02/20/20151
T Using Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE: Configuration Guide02/20/201511
T Using Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE Integrated without Middleware03/20/20159
T Using Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) with CU*BASE Integration with Legacy and Lutzwolf02/20/201544
T Using Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) with CU*BASE (Configuration and User Guide) – Integration with Legacy and Lutzwolf02/20/201549
T Using Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) with CU*BASE – Integrated without Middleware03/20/20159
V Variable Rate Loan Products05/07/201451
V Vault Manager07/27/201517
W New CU*BASE Workstation Configuration Request01/20/20121
W Wire Transfers in CU*BASE08/18/201518
W Write-Off/Charge-Off Tools08/05/201536
Y Tax Forms Handling Instructions - Self Processing10/15/20152
Y Year-End Verification Checklist - Self Processing10/15/20151
Y Year End Processing Guide - Online10/27/201558
Y Year End Processing Guide - Self Processing10/27/201579
Z Creating Zero-Dollar Transactions in CU*BASE
Leaving Messages for Members via Account Transaction History
October 26, 2015

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November/December Year-End Deadlines

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November Tricks of the Trade Webinar

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2015 Year-End Processing Guide Information

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October’s AnswerBook Question That Rocks!

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Reminder: October Tricks of the Trade Webinar Today

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