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Work smarter, not harder. The Asterisk Intelligence team brings you a team of analysts who work to interpret your data for insights and opportunity. Tools like Analytics Booth, Report Builder (Query), Dashboards, and Unique Data Management (UDM) give the power to see and control your database. Then we work with you to maximize the benefit of these solutions in the context of our five pillars of data analytics – Finance, Operations, Fraud, Audience, & Marketing.

Unique Data ManagementGood data management means better analytics and is critical to support any business intelligence effort. The Asterisk Intelligence team emphasizes data warehousing strategies and solutions for database administrators at every credit union. Use Unique Data Management (UDM) to customize your member’s profile, increase the archiving of database files, sign on for extended availability of transaction histories, and reach out with opportunities for data exchanges with your 3rd party vendors.

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Meet the Team

Keegan Daniel
VP Professional Services

Beginning his career at CU*Answers in 2007 as a Client Service Representative, Keegan’s quick and thorough understanding of the credit union environment soon saw him promoted to a managerial position within the department. By 2012, his critical business skills and ability to perform at a high level led him to the CU*Answers Management Services team, as the leader of the newly minted Earnings Edge brand. Since its inception, Keegan has led the Earnings Edge team to drive growth and efficiencies for credit union customers and owners. Keegan is known for his all-around expertise, experience, and level of organization that helps credit unions reach their goals of becoming high-performing cooperatives.

Most recently, Keegan has been tasked with managing the Asterisk Intelligence Team. The Asterisk Intelligence team works with credit unions to establish business intelligence teams, develop business intelligence strategies and develop external data warehouse strategies.

Thomas Hull
Business Intelligence Analyst

After joining the CU*Answers family in 2011 as a Staff Accountant, Thomas’ passion for data and analytics became immediately apparent, and he quickly grew to become the corporate resource for data trending and forecasting, financial analysis, and data visualization.

In 2017, Thomas joined the Asterisk Intelligence team as a Business Intelligence Analyst, playing a vital role in new service development. Through his extensive background in finance and corporate accounting, he provides a unique perspective on the value that data strategies can bring to an organization; everything from budgeting and corporate planning, supporting RFP’s, to board reporting.

“I look forward to contributing my knowledge and expertise to the Asterisk Intelligence team by generating knowledge and insight for credit unions, identifying opportunities, and ultimately manufacturing value!”

Annalyn Hawkes
Business Intelligence Analyst

Known for her versatility and value within the network, Annalyn began her career with Xtend in 2012 as a Contact Center Representative. Equipped with a sharp attention to detail, Annalyn quickly advanced to the project-based role of Business Support Representative. Her adept project managing skill set led to a management position in 2015, as she assumed the role of Assistant Manager of the Business Support Team.

Annalyn most recently joined the CU*Answers Asterisk Intelligence team in 2017 as a Business Intelligence Analyst, where she shares her experience and passion for data mining, analytics, and business development. Her expansive background at Xtend allowed her to develop invaluable proficiency at using data to find opportunity, strategize action, and track results for impact and trend analysis, making her an asset to both the Asterisk Intelligence team, and our credit union partners.

“I am excited to be joining the Asterisk Intelligence team as organizations are putting so much attention on data! There is so much value in connecting data points to tell a story, and I believe our data analytics and data warehouse solutions will bring that value to credit unions of all sizes.”


Josh Peacock
Assistant Manager Analytics, Business Development

Originally from Southwest Michigan, Josh spent 15 years working in both North and South Carolina before returning to Michigan in the late 1990s to begin his career at CU*Answers. Though he initially served as an independent consultant, Josh accepted a full-time role with the company in 2010. His responsibilities today are twofold: first, he leads a team focused on new product development. Initially, these new products resided only within the company’s core software platform, however, Josh has since expanded his efforts to deliver web-based analytical products to help better serve the CU*Answers client base, and second, he’s engaging in business development activities to expand revenue streams beyond the CU*Answers network.

Though Josh has helped drive innovation in many ways during his two-decade tenure with the firm, one of his most notable achievements came in 2005 as the technical project leader for CU*Answers credit card platform. A true win-win, this platform has since become a major revenue stream for both CU*Answers and its network of credit unions. Today, the platform supports over 100 credit unions that generate over 25 million credit card transactions annually.

Outside of work, Josh has recently developed a strong passion for PICKLEBALL – a sport that is quickly gaining popularity in North America. Josh is also a former Michigan State Racquetball Champion.

June 11, 2019

Order Your Lending Scorecard Today!

Order Your Lending Scorecard Today!

Enhance your periodic reporting packets with a Lending Scorecard, brought to you by the Asterisk Intelligence team!  Gain insights into portfolio balances, product participation, credit history, membership demographics, and more – all in a single report!  Reports can be produced using end-of-month data for monthly reporting, or produced mid-month using current membership data. Ready to… Read more »

Apr 2, 2019

Introducing the CU*BASE Data Warehouse

Introducing the CU*BASE Data Warehouse

Asterisk Intelligence is very proud to introduce their new product – the Data Warehouse!  The Data Warehouse is the latest data management solution from Asterisk Intelligence and is designed to open up customizability and control of your data both in and out of CU*BASE.  Analytics can go next-level for your credit union as you are… Read more »

Apr 1, 2019

Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Where Your Members Shop

Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Where Your Members Shop

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive! Join the Asterisk Intelligence team as they review CU*BASE tool #979, the Where Your Members Shop dashboard.  This feature reviews member transaction activity through 4 channels – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ATM, and ACH transactions – providing insights into the merchants your members choose to do… Read more »

Mar 28, 2019

CU*Answers announces availability of lending scorecard

CU*Answers, the 100% credit-union owned, cooperative CUSO, has announced the availability of custom Lending Scorecard reports. Originally a part of an Asterisk Intelligence initiative intended to increase awareness of data resources, the Lending Scorecard report was designed to showcase data availability and actionable insights found within CU*BASE®, CU*Answers’ core product. However, due to overwhelming interest, […]

Mar 26, 2019

Data analysis product Analytics Booth receives dedicated release

West Michigan-based cooperative CUSO CU*Answers recently announced that elease 19.02 was fully dedicated to its Analytics Booth product offering. Currently, Analytics Booth tracks over 70 data points with both numbers and graphs for easy viewing, and that number continues to grow. Alert capabilities are also available to keep users in touch for the trends that […]

Mar 26, 2019

Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Where Your Members Borrow

Jump into a Dashboard Dive: Where Your Members Borrow

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive! Join the Asterisk Intelligence team as they review tool #976, the Where Your Members Borrow dashboard.  Have you ever wondered who your top loan competitors were?  Or which other financial institutions your members do business with?  This dashboard reviews the active trade line details received during… Read more »

Mar 21, 2019

Asterisk Intelligence completes multiple post-conversion trainings on dashboard tools of CU*BASE®

Asterisk Intelligence, a data analytics team at CU*Answers, recently completed a successful round of tool and strategy training sessions with four recently converted credit unions to the CU*Answers core processing system, CU*BASE. The standard post-conversion training sessions focus on educating credit union staff on the robust dashboard toolset of CU*BASE. The sessions typically take place […]

Mar 18, 2019

Don’t Miss This Week’s Dashboard Dive: Portfolio Analysis – EFT Usage

Don’t Miss This Week’s Dashboard Dive: Portfolio Analysis – EFT Usage

Join the Asterisk Intelligence Team for a Dashboard Dive! Join the Asterisk Intelligence team as they review the Portfolio Analysis – EFT Usage dashboard.  Learn how to use this dashboard for insights into your card portfolios by BIN.  Easily review your portfolio by card type, status, or recent transaction activity.  Trend card activity over time… Read more »

Mar 12, 2019