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Who is the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions Team?

The CU*Answers Imaging Solutions Team puts some serious talent in your corner!

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  • One eDocument Strategist with 15 years experience working eDocuments exclusively in the credit union space.
  • Two dedicated programmers working on Imaging Solutions.
  • One Account Executive with years of CU*BASE systems experience, leading on implementations.
  • One Account Executive with 10 years experience in data center operations, leading on support.

How are they helping you with your Imaging Strategy and what’s the difference they guarantee?

Are you doing your due diligence?

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Imaging Solutions Case Study

This team has created imaging solutions that are an inherent part of your core data processing system. They’ve accomplished this by having their eDocument strategist and programmers work directly with the VP of Software Development for both CU*BASE and the It’s Me 247 online and mobile banking suite. Together they have created two solutions that fit hand in glove with your core processing tools to make your imaging solution an integral part of your day-to-day operations.

Beyond the software tools, this team will follow through with the same exceptional release documentation, training and implementation processes you’ve come to expect from CU*Answers, to prepare and equip you to leverage the release. They ensure you don’t fall behind and that the features will work for you. Obviously, this can’t all happen without your participation. There are requirements for your participation in making your imaging solution top notch and all you wish it to be.

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No matter which solution is right for you, we have experts that are here to help. We will work with you to find a solution that meets you needs. Below is contact information for the experts that can help you get started!

For questions about the solutions available to you or any other aspect of your Imaging Strategy, contact: John Beauchamp
Vice President of Imaging Solutions
800.327.3478 or 616-285-5711 x228
For information on network management or disaster recovery and high availability, contact: Matt Sawtell
AVP Managed Technology Services
866.458.1174 or 616.974.1174 x177

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December 6, 2017

Check Out the Current Results for the Ongoing Imaging Solutions Contests!

Check Out the Current Results for the Ongoing Imaging Solutions Contests!

For 2018, CU*Answers Imaging Solutions – in partnership with My Virtual Strongbox and eDOC Innovations – are running three exciting contests!  Winners will be announced in October 2018, but you can check out the current results by visiting the Imaging Solutions page of the CU*Answers website.  Or, click on the banner images below to check… Read more »

Dec 18, 2017

Turn to the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions Team for your eSignature needs

Turn to the CU*Answers Imaging Solutions Team for your eSignature needs

With eSignature from Imaging Solutions, members can sign documents wherever they are!  You can send them a document to sign by simply inputting their name and email address.  They will receive an email with a link that allows them to electronically sign their documents, wherever their smart devices take them! To learn more about eSignature,… Read more »

Oct 13, 2017

The Imaging Solutions Contests Are Underway!

The Imaging Solutions Contests Are Underway!

For 2018, CU*Answers Imaging Solutions is partnering with My Virtual StrongBox and eDoc Innovations to offer three exciting contests!  These contests run from 10/1/2017 until 9/31/2018. My Virtual StrongBox Dash for Cash The credit union with the most new member registrations (as a percentage) during the contest period wins $1,000. eSignature Explosion The credit union… Read more »

Oct 10, 2017

Join Us for the Imaging Solutions Roundtable!

Join Us for the Imaging Solutions Roundtable!

ATTENTION IMAGING SOLUTIONS RELEASE MANAGEMENT SUBSCRIBERS Let’s get together and discuss Imaging Solutions’ Release Management service and all things imaging! We’d like to extend a special welcome to all of our new subscribers! Thursday, October 19 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Sign In This month’s roundtable session will be offered as a webinar only. Agenda for… Read more »

Sep 15, 2017

ProDOC Upgrade coming on 6/20

ProDOC Upgrade coming on 6/20

On the morning of 6/20/17, ProDOC will be released to CU*Spy Images clients utilizing eDOCSignature for eSigning.  This update addresses the previously discovered problem of eSign documents failing to complete. When your staff launches ProDOC, they will be prompted to upgrade.  Clicking ‘Yes’ will start the upgrade, then restart ProDOC when it’s complete.  If… Read more »

Jun 19, 2017

Secure Your Records with MyCorporateVault from CU*Answers Imaging Solutions!

Secure Your Records with MyCorporateVault from CU*Answers Imaging Solutions!

MyCorporateVault locks confidential corporate documents and protects sensitive data from physical loss and damage, as well as unauthorized disclosure or modification. MyCorporateVault allows you to customize your users and groups for a complete, secure management system.  Scanning in your documents directly or importing existing electronic documents is a simple process; you can manage contract renewals,… Read more »

May 16, 2017